Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sir Hugh Orde: disingenuous swine

The Adam Smith Institute comments on the latest load of waffle from an unnecessary policeman.
Sir Hugh Orde, President of the Association of Police Officers, has responded to proposed budget cuts by warning that it will mean reduction in the number of front line police officers. He says, "It would be misleading in the extreme to suggest the size of this service is sustainable."

This is not true, of course. It is a text-book response to proposed budget restrictions in public services. Always the claim is that it will be the most popular aspect of the service which will have to be cut. In this case it is the number of police on the streets.

One famous case was when US customs faced a cut and immediately took out the staff who looked for drugs coming in at airports.

The purpose is to pressure the political leaders by exposing them to hostile public opinion, with a view to weakening their resolve on the proposed savings. Never is it backroom or bureaucratic jobs that are proposed for cuts, because that would not achieve the purpose.

It is called rent-seeking, and is designed to maximize the amount of public funds directed to their department or service. It is without merit, and government should respond accordingly.

There is also another aspect to this, of course. As the ASI points out, Sir Hugh Orde is, indeed, the President of the Association of Police Officers (ACPO) which—despite being a private company that mainly exists to lobby the government on behalf of authoritarian police scum—is funded with our money.

To the tune of £10 million per annum.

Now, given that Sir Hugh Orde is so very worried about the levels of policing in this time of austerity, I can only assume that he would be thrilled were the government to withdraw all of its funding for ACPO—money which will, in any case, only be spent on champagne for Hugh and his buddies—and, instead, directed that cash to frontline policing.

Admittedly, darling Hugh would lose his £183,000 salary but, nonetheless, I am sure that he will be delighted to know that it is going to pay for about five front-line police officers.

So, well done for speaking out, Hugh! And thank you for finding a nice new source of funding in these difficult times!


microdave said...

If the ConDems really wanted to capture the public's imagination they would require all these public sector cuts be achieved without loosing any front-line staff.

Why should police numbers be reduced when ACPO is still in existence?

Why should we we face cutbacks on street maintenance, when councils still advertise for "outreach co-ordinators"?

Why should operations be cancelled when the NHS has more managers than doctors? (Yes I know the NHS has been "ringfenced", but the principle still applies).

Doing it this way would shut odious little creeps like Bob Crow up, for starters...

The Fat Caveman said...

This is often called the Washington Monument syndrome after the strategy of the National Parks Service in the US. When faced with proposed budget cuts they insist they'll have to close the Washington Monument (rather than Desolate Backwoods Park outside Buttmunch, Indiana).

I've been noticing it a lot lately. An enlightening activity is listening to local council pronouncements about cuts in services and then looking at what jobs they're advertising.

Anonymous said...

Also, ACPO has a nice little earner in running the CRB checks. Why are we paying these creeps to line their own pockets and lobby for further erosion of personal freedom?

Anonymous said...

I always liked the phrase "shroud waving" for this tactic.

Amazingly private businesses who need to cut costs manage to find the parts of their operations which they can manage to without.

John Demetriou said...


You are like a Ferrari that has been speed limited to 50mph. It's painful to watch. I can almost see, feel the inspiration and the awesome, unique rage and rhetoric flow forth. But it piddles out into a damp whimper!

Come on, man, you really have to have a word with your people and negotiate some better freedom of speech for your blog.

I want that DK I know and love back, ripping shit up and causing gasps in the auditorium.

Kafka said...

Around my neck of the woods the traffic police drive Merc E-class estates, Volvos, Audis, Range Rovers, etc etc. And we have a helicopter. So what the F**K they need all the fancy motors for no-one knows. They could all drive Fiat Pandas & it wouldn't make toss-all difference to how many people they caught. That'd pay for a few extra plods.

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