Friday, July 02, 2010

IPSA crying shame

It seems that Tom Harris is having another moan about IPSA; once again, your humble Devil is having a really hard time giving a shit.

I am on a train to Coventry at the moment, so I am afraid that I am going to have to quote The Scary Clown rather than write something myself (my kingdom for an iPad!)...
That's exactly what 13 years of Labour government have made every occasion of dealing with the civil service like for the rest of us. It is exactly how life is for the rest of us, and it's like that for exactly the same reason: Labour, with an unassailable majority, introduced an endless sea of badly-drafted, badly-thought-through, knee-jerk law to cope with things because that's all they knew.

At the time, I said that I didn't think IPSA was going to be a good idea, because, like every other fucking thing you cunts did in power, it was a knee-jerk solution cobbled up by a couple of fuckwits who lived their lives in the political bubble. I was quite happy for you guys to claim legitimate expenses through the old system. You guys took the fucking piss and in a frantic fit of being seen to be doing something, this half-baked, fatuous cock-up was created.

This is exactly how every fucking law you cunts drafted turned out for us: driven by the need to have a soundbite, you rammed legislation through without debate and without thought while remaining entirely immune from the consequences.

Every time an MP whines about IPSA, my soul blooms a little. Because the exact same thing you did to us for the last 13 years has finally come to bite you useless fuckers on the arse. Perhaps now you can have the slightest taste of what every dealing with the government we have is like. And thanks to your insatiable lust for creating law, we now also have more frequent dealings with the fuckers.

I heartily recommend that you read the whole thing—it's a work of beauty...

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Who's sending you to Coventry then?

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