Sunday, July 25, 2010

iPhone developer needed

Your humble Devil has, for over a year now, had a super idea for an iPhone app.

I was working with someone to realise this, but they have found themselves too busy to be able to devote any time to it.

It's a pretty simple app (I think), but it has a potentially large audience and there is no competitor as yet.

If anyone out there has experience and a bit of free time, then I'd be happy to fire over the design document under an NDA (of course).

I'd really like to see this developed, so if anyone fancies trying to marry a good idea with their programming skills and (maybe) make some money, please drop me a line...

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Alistair said...

Get in touch:

Anonymous said...

Ive an idea too , can you develop an App that lets anyone know where David Cameron is at any given time, as im sure there are lots of members of the religion of peace would buy it as I hear hes a friend of all these people now.
Just maybe with a bit of luck one or two Jihadis would buy the app also.
Just saying


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