Sunday, June 13, 2010

Unethical politics

Via the wife, I see that—in commenting on some joke award for "ethical politician of the year" given to the egregious Caroline LucasMr Civil Libertarian has written a nice summation of why ethics is incompatible with politics.
Politics and ethics aren’t easy bedfellows. That’s because there’s nothing ethical about politics. Politics as we know it consists entirely of: Using the force of the state (which is unethical) to coerce (which is unethical) otherwise peaceful citizens into a) giving up their preferred way of life (unethical), b) giving up their justly acquired property (unethical), c) obeying the rules of a small section of society under threat of severe punishment (unethical), and also d) committing violent, coercive acts against citizens of other Nation States that they can claim no possible right over (VERY unethical).

There’s very little politics can do that is ethical, since ultimately, the power of politicians comes, not from namby-pamby “social contracts” (which you never knowingly signed, cannot rescind, and cannot see the terms of) or from any sort of “God given right”, but ultimately from the use of, or the threat of use of, violence against you. What Lucas, as a Member of Parliament, does, is work as yet another embodiment of this established violence. That’s her job. That’s her role. To claim she is “ethical” makes a mockery of ethics.

Of course, and as Mr Civil Libertarian points out, the above only applies if you believe that initiating violence against other human beings is unethical.

I do.

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Anonymous said...

They obviously believe that it's ethical to force people to be ethical (their definition)

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