Sunday, June 06, 2010

I'm just wondering...

... when this whole repeal thing is going to start?

I mean, NuLabour apparently introduced something like 4,300 new criminal offences, and the only things that the Coalition seem to have announced are higher taxes, probable higher taxes, and more crack-downs on personal freedom.

So, would anyone like to tell me what illiberal laws—apart from ID cards (which didn't really exist anyway)—Our New Coalition Overlords are going to scrap? Because I'm slightly in the dark.

With a professed dedication to civil liberties and 4,300 new-ish criminal offences to choose from, one would have thought that the Super Coalition™ might be able to announce something other than CGT rises and minimum pricing for booze, eh?

But no. It seems to me that our new masters, just like the old masters, are all mouth and no fucking trousers.

Actually, I don't know why I should be suprised...


Jayce Kay said...

My guess, for what its worth, will be lots of tinkering around the edges of the 4,300 new offences, more troughing and an overall increase in gesture politics.

The thing that really made me chuckle in the run up to the election was the bloody tories carping on about "no more power transfers to the EU" but haven't they got enough already?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Jackart. I must admit I've been pleasently suprised so far!
Allow yourself to be a little happier for goodness sake. We're 'winning' some ground after decades of losing it.

Witterings From Witney said...

Patience Chris, patience - after all they have only had 13 years to think about what needs doing........

Anonymous said...

Well that was a wasted 13 years then wasn't it? They are bloody clueless, mind you Camerloon does say "we will all have to share the pain", and his will be?????

Elby the Beserk said...

Well, they have already binned ID cards. And with an economic catastrophe on their hands, some things will take longer than others. Give them a break eh?

Somewhat puke-making to observe so many in the Blogosphere just dying for the Coalition to collapse. Regardless, it seems, of the fact that t would be a disaster for the country were that to happen.

Give 'em a fucking break eh? They've not been in power four weeks yet.

Anonymous said...


Just recently found this website... spot on!!!

The coalition will make a few high profile announcements and them things will carry on as before. The simple reason is that the Civil Service run the country and most politicians are too stupid to see when rings are being run around them.

If they really wanted to make a change then lets start running things in the real world and like businesses where decision get made in days and weeks not months and years.

Keep up the good work.

Max the Impaler said...

Here's a good idea...lets raise high as we can..lets placate all those joyless envious bastards who cann't earn it themselves.Lets pay lip service to hard work,saving,industry and then..tee-hee.. take it all off them.Lets punish all those who thought saving in stocks and shares was a bad investment so turned to property instead.Lets destroy their pension pot...lets really fuck them up. You've got to hand it to politicians when it comes to stealing money there are none better...just appeal to mans basest about only those who voted labour for the last 13years pay the new tax rate.

CityUnslicker said...

I like the sound of fucking trousers - do you have any for sale?

Anonymous said...

Everyone who cares should get in touch with Philip Hammond at the MOT to tell him not to implement Peter North's review rubbish-which includes as its main plank reduction on the drink drive limit from 80 to 50mg. This is just the sort of crud some had hoped might die with the communist junta's expulsion.

The North review was another piece of repressive puritanical crap set up by Liebour thru which they can still damage us from the grave. Hammond will be under a lot of pressure from the usual suspects to implememt North's stupid ideas to pointlessly criminalise more people and close even more pubs.

Write to Cleggy about what laws/regs you want shafted while he's chewing his red pencil. My main nominations are mainly from Jackboots Straw's evil reign in the HO and MOJ-

Limit on some jury trial
Ending no retrial for same offense-double jeopardy
The dangerous pictures act (Criminal justice and immigration act 2008)
Dangerous cartoons act (Coroners act)

Let's not forgive or forget the evil fascistic twats who gave us this stuff and had lots more in the pipeline too, when we think maybe nothing has changed-it has..but getting rid of the NL legacy of filth is another matter.

I'm bitterly disappointed about the Tories helping Mandelscum in April to get his revised digital economy act passed during the NuLab vermin's death rattle. The capacity for mischief there is potentially appalling

Mrs Rigby said...

Got rid of ID cards, scrapped new unitary authorities, got rid of HIPs - it's a start. Too slow for most people who expected instant change, but a coalition means sharing policies so things might not run smoothly.

Unpicking 'future legislation' will take a time, especially as some is well hidden.

Still vaguely optimistic, but waiting and fearing the deeper cuts.

Anonymous said...

They'll keep 99.99% of the stupid laws - and pass some of their own too.

Plus ca change!

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