Thursday, June 24, 2010

Best headline ever?

Via Iain Dale, this is surely one of the best headlines ever...

Al Gore behaved like 'crazed sex poodle' with masseuse

Well, who'da thunk it?

Still, the man has spent the last few years systematically deceiving, scaring and conning people so it would hardly come as a surprise to find that these allegations have rather more veracity and substance than An Inconvenient Truth...


Anonymous said...

The man only seems to be in it 'cos there's money in it. With such types do not listen to what they say - look at what they do. Has the man not bought a condo in Florida at sea level - so he must be confident in what he preaches eh!

Thing is Earth is not the only planet warming up and there will always be climate change - that's the nature of life in the Solar system.

Why are so many political and business leaders so loaded with psychopathic personalities?

What is wrong with truth - has the (political) state so dumbed everyone down so much the people cannot be trusted to think for themselves?

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act"
Goerge Orwell

cctruckston said...

Regarding Al Gore: Non-Americans, and indeed, non-Southern Americans, do not understand the likes of Al Gore and Bill Clinton for what they are. Al Gore is a spoiled rich kid who grew up in Washington learning left-liberal doctrine and looking down his nose at plebeians, including most of the population of Tennessee, a state from which he claims to hail, but in which he spent so little time that the claim is laughable. Politicians of his ilk are certain that they know better what is good for their countrymen than they do, but of course the politicians always exempt themselves from the effects of their legislation, which is telling enough. Bill Clinton represents the typical glad-handing, smooth-talking, corn-pone, good-ole-boy Southern pol who manages to tell every constituent interest group what it wants to hear while charming individuals out of their watches, wallets and underwear (allusion to Monica intentional). I know a lot of Brits thought that Clinton was one of the best recent American presidents, and in fact he was--but only because he was not able to accomplish anything with a Congress that had an opposition majority. We could use a lot more presidents like that, but then there still is Congress to worry about.

Anonymous said...

any proof about the allegation against gore

Low Resolution Fox said...

Only known facts in the case:

-confirmed masseuse - 3hour massage session
-woman went to the police 3 times but cancelled each time (not a typical trait in someone who was in it for the money, particularly with a famous person)
-became public in early 2009
-Gore breaks up from wife in June 2009 citing "wifes jealous rages following press speculation after 3 affairs"

It seems those on the right are certainly having their revenge on some of the most irritating asshats of the 21st century. Is that such a bad thing?

Is there some history between the troll and DK?

Ian E said...

Some proof would be helpful - also anyone know anything nasty about Moonbat (other than him being the most arrogant, narcissistic, opinionated, least rational AGW camp-follower yet produced by the champagne socialists)?

Low Resolution Fox said...

I would have thought it was "nasty" enough that as a high-profile politician, he invested heavily in CO2 monitoring corporate software, then accidentally used his political might to champion the almighty American AGW movement.

I mean, perhaps I'm being legally naive, but are there any laws against the abuse of office when it comes to private gain?

Even if I take the UN IPCC AR4 as being gospel truth, all it actually says in a circular fluffy, heavily technical fashion is summed up in their own overview with:

"We think there is a 90% chance that AGW caused global temperature to raise 0.3°C in the last 100 years".

Conveniently ignoring the fact it has been warmer over the last 2000 years on many occasions, and the forthcoming fossil fuel apocalypse.

bella gerens said...

JD -

Tu quoque is very passe and not a valid debate technique. Give it up. Didn't they teach you that in the sixth form, or have you not got that far yet in your schooling?

kitler said...

I always thought people became less assholeish the more pussy they got. Gore seems to prove this wrong.

I wonder how much pussy it would take to make JD less of a tool.

Angry Exile said...

Katabasis, that LHC article... yeah, great headline, but the date on it makes me think it might not be kosher. :-)

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