Sunday, June 13, 2010

Be careful who you screw, George

Blue Eyes writes an open letter to George Osborne, asking him to consider carefully those whom he targets for tax rises and spending cuts. In doing so, he writes a splendid articulation of my own thoughts.
I have barely touched a public service in recent years. I left the state education system when I was eight years old. I did go to University, but I paid tuition fees and if you check my payslips I think you will find I have repaid my subsidy many times over since I left. I have had a couple of of vaccines and been to seen the GP about twice since 1997. I have benefited from the state’s recent unsustainable largesse by approximately fuck all.

I have never claimed a benefit or a handout. I have repaid my student loan. I am not in debt. I pay my own way. I do not depend on anyone. I save a good chunk of my salary. I create wealth and export services. I pay my taxes. I expect and receive little from the state in return. So basically, George, I am asking: why I should pay more?

Before you hit me hard I want to see you hitting those who have benefited most from Labour’s fiscal disaster. I want to see the quangistos hit hard. Those six-figure morons who have made things worse. I want to see regulators and industry bodies slashed and burned. I want to see the advertising budget set to zero. I want to see the interfering busybodies who tell us how we should live queuing up at the Jobcentreplus before I pay a single penny more in income tax. I want those non-job wasters – who have had pay and pension rises while those of us who work in real industries have seen our real incomes drop by 5% a year or more – hurt first. How about those so-called professions which have seen huge gains under Labour’s watch. I want to see all those bureaucrats who think it’s their job to say “no” to the developers and investors axed before a single tax rise is announced.

The couple who live above me have three children, a PT Cruiser, Sky TV and no job. I have no kids, no Sky, no car, no debt. Why should I be hurt first? I want those who can work but choose not to to have their standard of living chopped before I should take a hit. That may sound selfish to some, but I do not ask the state for assistance. I do not lean on anyone. Why should I fund for them a more lavish lifestyle than I afford myself? Benefits have gone up by 5.3% this year, most in the private sector have not had a raise in years. How is that “progressive”?

Of course, BE's last sentence echoes the recent words of Lord Myners, a NuLabour apparatchik, who seems to have suddenly... er... regained his senses. [Emphasis mine.]
"The government can't create jobs. The government can create the environment which is conducive to the creation of jobs, but it cannot create jobs and we mislead ourselves if we believe it can."

He added: "There is nothing progressive about a government that consistently spends more than it can raise in taxation and certainly nothing progressive that endows generations to come with the liabilities incurred with respect to the current generation."

I quite agree. But I can pretty much guarantee that the "progressive Left" still won't admit it to anyone else, even if they can admit it to themselves.

And that, of course, is why we are in the hole that we are in...


Sam said...

The tone set by the budget will define this government.If progressive socialism is the chosen path and that includes continued membership of the EU. This quote strikes to the heart of the issue "...increasingly individuals will opt out of the social contract that notionally binds a citizen to his/her government". This opting out will not just be the refusal to pay taxes, but the refusal to cooperate with governments completely. Only when there is a cascade of more and more people doing this will we cut the last head from the hydra of the state and let it wither and die.

No more Camoron, we really have had enough.

permanentexpat said...

From my cousin in the Septic Isle:
"Bkue Eyes sure has a point. This morning I heard of a farmer near here who lets out a bungalow as a holiday cottage. Every year the same family come down to stay for 3 weeks. The mother is an alcoholic who stays in bed all day drinking vodka. There are three children, one of whom has " special needs" as any sort of handicap is described nowadaya. So there is Dad, Mum and 3 children, but there is also a nurse who looks after the "special needs" child. They have paid the farmer £1,500, in cash, for the 3 weeks. By now you will have guessed that nobody in the family works or has ever worked.. Not only that, the mother claims Carer's Allowance for looking after the special needs child, but she also claims Carer's Alowonce for the nurse who accompanies the family and looks after the drunken mum. Of course they have a car large enough to take the family. Their whole income, and their house furnishings, are paid from benefits- and their are thousands like them. No doubt we pay, too, for the Ingerlund flags which no doubt flutter frorm their car and adorn their house. Makes you proud to be British.

Tunbridgewellsally yours,


Blue Eyes said...

"since Mr Osborne is my MP, I shall be forwarding a link to him"

Excellent, I like it!

Thanks for linking to me DK, I get megahits when you do!!

Vicola said...

Couldn't have put it better myself Blue Eyes. Well said.

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