Sunday, May 30, 2010

In which I am a bitch

Dan Hannan keeps referring to himself as a blogger: this really grips my shit is a big way. So I left a comment there...
You know what, Dan? I'd try to answer you except that you never answer anyone.

Don't pretend that you are a blogger: you aren't. You are an old-style columnist who cannot be bothered to answer his critics: there is no difference between you and Polly Toynbee.

You want to see what a blogger is? Look at the rest of us out here or—better—look at Lord Tebbit. He answers his critics: you cannot be arsed.

The fact that you won an award for "blogging" is one of the biggest travesties of our times.

You are generally good at what you do—indeed, I agree with you much of the time (as you know). But you are not a blogger, and you should stop referring to yourself as such.


Oce upon a time, we bloggers were bloggers: we weren't divided by party lines. It was us versus the established media: now, we seem all too eager to accept those MSM wankers calling themselves "bloggers". I blame (mainly) that cunt Oliver Kamm, who is the first blogger that I know who crossed the line.

Here's the trick, chaps: bloggers answer their critics—they engage in conversation. And I don't care how much I agree with Hannan and endorse his attacks on our government—he is not a blogger.

The worst thing that politics ever did was to destroy the blogger-to-blogger relationship: it's dead, but we should now (in the spirit of coalition) resurrect it and give the Establishment hell...

UPDATE: one other blogging convention is that, every now and again, you have to get a bit pissed and post a nonsensical, rageous and gratuitously insulting post, in which you pine for "the good old days"—a mythological golden age probably located sometime in 1954(b).


Devil's Kitchen said...


Yes, thank you for asking—I am fine.

But angry. And disappointed. And frustrated.

As usual.


Lord Blagger said...

I agree. He can't answer questions about his policies.

If we take the great reform bill, its not in the manifesto. There is no mandate to do anything.

He says he's pro referenda.

So the reform bill is a great opportunity to put his mouth in the right place.

Offer a refereda, yes/no on each bill to be anulled.

However, he won't. He knows that the hunting bill and the smoking bill are likely to stay.

Far better to accept buggins turn and act as a dictator when you have the chance.

My view, far better to give control to the electorate. They won't tollerate tax rises, and the result is that big government fails permernantly. The left is neutered.

Lord Blagger

john in cheshire said...

DK, I agree with you on this point. God help us when the bloggers are also the entities who purport to rule us. Once that state is reached, we will truely be doomed.

the a&e charge nurse said...

Well I would have thought it was mostly the truth that was being 'betrayed' if we consider Hannan's Fox-friendly, aherm, analysis of the UK health scene?

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