Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hands in the cookie jar

Via Old Holborn, it seems that the first expenses scandal of the new Parliament has already kicked off—and the perpetrator of the alleged crime is our very own Mad Nad.
NADINE DORRIES, the Conservative MP, faces the first expenses complaint of the new parliament after a row about a £10,000 claim she paid to a friend’s company.

Her former Commons researcher, Peter Hand, is writing to John Lyon, the parliamentary commissioner for standards, questioning whether the claim can be justified.

The complaint will undermine hopes that the expenses controversy can be consigned to the last parliament.

Dorries, who last week retained her mid-Bedfordshire seat, claimed the money for an annual report in 2007 on her performance as an MP, and consultancy services, but Hand said he never saw the report or worked on it. Dorries claimed a total of more than £40,000 in expenses for services provided by Marketing Management (Midlands), owned by her friend Lynn Elson. They live near each other in the Cotswolds.

They just can't help themselves, can they?

Oh wait, yes they fucking can—it's just that they choose not to.

It's a salutary reminder that these people hold us in utter contempt; as such, you can bet your last penny that—no matter what the outcome is of the backroom deals that are currently being undertaken—the resolution will have been arrived at not for our benefit, but theirs.

The idea of a hanged Parliament continues to look ever so attractive...

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Danny Law said...

see the anti nadine dorries propogander machine is already in full swing

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