Monday, May 03, 2010

EU rulz OK!

A number of people—especially in UKIP—have maintained that some 75% of laws are no longer made in this country, but in the EU. My esteemed blogging colleague Nosemonkey has always dismissed this as utter rubbish—quoting a figure of nearer 10%–30%.

I am looking forward to Nosemonkey's erudite post informing Hans-Gert Pöttering that he is utterly wrong, for poor, deluded Hans-Gert seems to believe otherwise. Via Witterings From Witney, I have found Hans-Gert pontificating whilst still President of the EU Parliament.
"If we were not that influential today, then we would not be the legislator of 75% of all laws in Europe and, with the Lisbon treaty, in nearly 100% of all cases."

You go get 'im, Nosemonkey! You bring him down to size and you tell him that he's talking bollocks!

Oh, and for those of you who don't believe that darling Mr Pöttering could ever have said such a thing, here's the video evidence...

Really, how can one EU Parliament President be so deluded...?

UPDATE: as MattM (as well as numerous other commenters) points out, Nosemonkey did, in fact, critique this in the very Nosemonkey post that I linked to.
But where it suits UKIP’s purpose to interpret this as literally meaning that, EU-wide, 75% of ALL laws stem from the EU, had they included more of Pottering’s speech the context – and therefore the meaning – would have become far more apparent. For what Pottering was actually saying was that the European Parliament (not the EU) legislates on 75% of laws *passed by the European Union*. Not passed by EU member states – just by the EU itself, at EU level. Because the European Parliament has little say in something like 20-25% of EU legislation (something the Lisbon Treaty would rectify, but that’s for another day). German speakers will also be able to confirm that the subtitles on UKIP’s video of Pottering are not 100% accurate.

So the 75% figure does not apply to the percentage of laws in individual member states that stem from the EU, but the percentage of laws that stem from the EU that the European Parliament has a say in. That’s an entirely different kettle of fish – and so the 75% figure can safely be dismissed as based on a (deliberate?) misunderstanding.

Nosemonkey wins again, damn him! I'll have to buy him a beer next time, as reparations...


Anonymous said...

Nosemonkey is an indoctrinated useful fool of whom the likes McLabour and the EUSSR are totally reliant on and feed off.

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

Oh, so it's only 10 to 15% of our new laws, is it?

In that case I withdraw my previous suggestion that E.U. Employees be tortured to death in public.

Instead they should merely be hanged.

Witterings From Witney said...

Ta for mention/link Chris - much appreciated.

mark said...

One law would be too many.

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