Sunday, April 25, 2010

Your vote at the general election

Various people have asked me what I think will happen at the general election—I reply that I think that people will vote. Tee hee.

In all seriousness, I think that not many people will vote—I anticipate a very low turnout. I also anticipate a hung Parliament, with the Tories as the largest party. I think it likely that they will form a coalition with the Lib Dems—a coalition that may even be beneficial to the country. After all, I like the Lib Dems proposal for raising the personal tax allowance to £10,000 (although I would like to see it up at £12,500, personally) but I think that the Tories' education policy has a good deal of merit too.

Ultimately, however, your humble Devil will still be donning the nose-pegs when wandering out to vote in this general election—once more, I shall be voting for the party that I dislike the least. Some of you, however, have the chance to vote for liberty; some of you have the chance to vote for a Libertarian candidate.

Westminster PPCs

Nic Coome
Candidate for the Devizes constituency.
Visit his website:

Martin Cullip
Candidate for the Sutton and Cheam constituency.
Visit his website:
Or find him on FaceBook.

David Kirwan
Independent Candidate endorsed by the Libertarian Party for the Wirral West constituency.
Visit his website:

As Anna Raccoon has reported, Martin has already been having a little trouble with his oh-so-diligent local press—being comprehensively stitched up by a reporter who is, apparently, a supporter of one of the other minor parties in that constituency. It is, it seems, par for the course but has the added bonus of giving bloggers the opportunity to mock the MSM for their pathetic standards of journalism.

The Libertarian Party is also standing a couple of local candidates.

Local Election Candidates

Tim Carpenter
Candidate for Walpole Ward, London Borough of Ealing.

Stuart Heal
Candidate for the Miles Platting and Newton Heath Ward, Manchester City Council.

Do go out and vote for your local Libertarian candidate. Wouldn't it be nice, when people asked you how you voted, to be able to avoid all of the excuses and hedging with which one often finds oneself justifying one's vote?

Wouldn't it be nice to be able say, quite simply, "I voted for freedom—mine and yours."


truths33k3r said...

DK thanks for replying. I appreciate that the Libertarians are a broad church but I feel that income tax is such a fundamental principle it actually isn't helpful saying that £12.5k is better than £10k.

Ian B said...

Well I'm in Northampton South too, but I can't see Binliner losing.

neil craig said...

Is UKIP, with its aim to cut reverse the £200 bn above inflation spending increase Labour produced; allowing the building of nuclear plants; pro-flat tax; & anti-EU policies not far & away closer to being libertarian (not to say sane) than the "on the TV" parites?

Richard Calhoun said...

I believe the Libdems are demagogues and political opportunists with very little in the way of principles.

I am surprised you so readily support their tax proposals, I would have expected the Libertarians to be promulgating a 'Flat tax'

truths33k3r said...

The manifesto of the Libertarian party is to abolish the personal income tax in the second financial year of government.

If we now believe that this is unrealistic or undesirable then it should be changed. Making pledges and then backing away from them is what mainstream parties do. Are we no different? If we have no firm principles then we are always going to be routed by wiggy.

I am a man in a hurry. I will be dead in 50 years.

Anonymous said...

"Don't forget that the Libertarian Party have also endorsed Nikki Sinclaire in Meriden.

April 27, 2010 10:35 AM"

is it just me - or doesn't she look like a Vulcan?

Kevin Boatang said...

Devil, I have a question, pretty simple really.

Do you agree that this country should have a referendum on our membership of the European Union as soon as is possible in the next parliament?

By the way, the lib dem economic polcies are completely uncosted, just thought I'd point that small detail out.

There is also a small party called The Liberal Party that is the old liberal bunch that are actually very successful and have a number of candidates across the country. A true vote for freedom.

neil craig said...

I think it unlikely, even under PR, that the Libertarian Party will sweep the country. They would be more effective if they drew up a list of candidates across the country from parties large & small (but with a bias towards large) & endorsed them individually.

PS John Redwood looks like a Vulcan - I don't know if that adds credibility generally but it does for me.

truths33k3r said...

KevinB - If the Libertarian Party drop the principle of abolishing the income tax then they are not a party of principle. In my mind the income tax is symbolic of state ownership of the individual, so if this was not a policy, libertarians would need to find another party.

The world is full of shyster parties who wave in the wind and are managed by focus groups. Could we have just one that isn't?

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