Sunday, April 04, 2010

Union says "no"

[This post was edited after the Andrew Neil debacle.]

NASUWT president Chris Keates: the evil is writ large upon her hideous melting-candle face.

And so here's a typical union leader refusing to put her money where her mouth is.
The Tories want parents and other organisations to have state funds to set up their own schools.
Shadow schools secretary Michael Gove issued the call in a speech to the NASUWT teachers' union conference.

And can you guess what the union response was? Go on—have a guess.

Was it (a) yes, what a wonderful idea: we'll show you how a school should be run, given how much we profess to dislike the constant state interference, or was it (b)...
The union did not want to run a school, [NASUWT president Chris Keates] said. Schools should be "democratically accountable" and not operated for and by "the pushy and the privileged".

Ah. So, schools should not be run for and by "the pushy and the privileged" unless those pushy and privileged are the union members under state sanction.

To describe people like "Ms" Keates as disgusting bottom-feeders seems disrespectful to various families of single-celled organisms but, mostly, it's disrespectful to those parents who might want something better for their children than the state-sanctioned pap supported by the likes of union thugs like Ms Keates.

UPDATE: Chris Keates has previous—feel free to revisit some of her greatest hits...


Anonymous said...

Oh you do have a way with words, DK.

Words that I wholeheartedly agree with.

May the sun never set on The Devils Kitchen.

john in cheshire said...

I think the new Conservative government will have to fight the battle against the unions all over again. These bigotted socialists just don't go away. Since it is marxist policy to destroy the family, I think we should be told just what is going on in the socialist households in our country that enables such entities as the milibands, the harmans, the blairs and all the other nasty creatures of the left, to procreate and sustain their hateful dogma. if it is wrong (in their eyes) to bring up children in a Christian environment, then it is also wrong to bring them up with socialist values.

Ian E said...

Oh dear, for once I have to say that I deeply and profoundly disagree with your latest diabolical menu!

The creepiest looking politician has to be the one who moves in your neighbourhood (bad luck for you!) - the Prince himself, Mandelson. Second creepiest is Ed the Red. Hove is thus only number 3: good intentions but must try harder!

Antisthenes said...

"the pushy and the privileged"

This is of course just the usual socialist rant it means my argument has no substance and yours has but I will make sure no one listens to yours. She and her ilk are the reason that state education is in the awful state it is today. Her views are spiteful, petty and due to envy and class hatred. Instead of aspiring to reach the standards set by the so called pushy and privileged she would rather see education fail for the greater good of her warped ideology.

Anonymous said...

In the past 30 years, the lefties have totally captured the state education system, and turned it into the church of collective mediocrity. Academic rigour, hard work, and success have been wiped out in favour of social engineering, and propaganda. They can only continue to get away with this, if the public have no other standard with which to compare their results.

So the pushy priviledged aspect is irrelevant. They would be just as furious and spiteful if a bunch of council tenants get together, got serious about education, and sought a grant to open up St Scrotes Primary and All Chavs Grammar. It's the thought of being compared to a school where they actually learn to conjugate irregular French verbs that drives 'em into a purple rage.

Anonymous said...

dude you accused her of raping children and she's a teacher - libel much? :p

Wat Dabney said...

State sector union members, given the choice of surrendering their coercive monopoly and instead being employed on merit and paid the market rate like the rest of us, reply that, on the whole, they would rather remain as rent-seeking parasites holding everyone's children to ransom, thanks very much.

The children are fucked. The parents are fucked. The tax-payers are fucked. All for the benefit of Keates and the members of her vicious cartel. At least paedophiles give a fucking reacharound.

Anonymous said...

Very aggresive words.

I tend to agree with most of the sentiment and am quite comfortable with a few swear words and vented vitreol but some of the more violent/sexual 'images' are over the top.

It's not that I'm too prissy for it, just that I'm unable to share your blog with my friends/family for fear of offending them!

Please quit with the 'violent' stuff. I know you're angry, we all are, but putting my wife off her dinner is not going to help either off us!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Andrew Neil, for forcing Chris Mounsey to apologise.

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