Monday, April 12, 2010

UN persecutes sceptics

A number of commenters have berated me for not focusing on the coming General Election—to which my reply is "what's the fucking point?"

It's an argument that I'm sure EUReferendum would agree with, but even were we not in the EU, Britain would, no doubt, still be affected by the attempts at forming a burgeoning world government.

As a taster of what's to come—whichever bunch of statist wankers are running the British government on May 7th—Climate Skeptic has helpfully highlighted this piece of delight from the UN.
A campaign to declare the mass destruction of ecosystems an international crime against peace—alongside genocide and crimes against humanity—is being launched in the UK.

The proposal for the United Nations to accept "ecocide" as a fifth "crime against peace", which could be tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC), is the brainchild of British lawyer-turned-campaigner Polly Higgins.

The radical idea would have a profound effect on industries blamed for widespread damage to the environment like fossil fuels, mining, agriculture, chemicals and forestry.

Supporters of a new ecocide law also believe it could be used to prosecute "climate deniers" who distort science and facts to discourage voters and politicians from taking action to tackle global warming and climate change.

"Ecocide"? Why not just go the whole hog and refer to it as the fucking Gaiacaust?

It's typical though: here they are, losing the battle on the facts, on the science—and simply because we sceptics keep inconveniently telling the truth and now, after fuck knows how long, we are finally being heard. So, what's their solution?

Is it to re-examine the facts, to carry out more studies and to do more, you know, actual science? Nope. Regardless of whether or not their position is based in any kind of reality, these people hold their cause as an article of faith.

And what do these morons do when you faith in under attack? That's right... Pretty much the same as the Catholic Church did with the Spanish Inquisition—prosecute and destroy those people pointing out that the evidence shows that the Earth goes around the sun.

This is yet another indicator of the totalitarian nature of these disgusting Green cunts, and just goes to prove that the only thing worse than a fanatic Gaia-worshipper is a fanatical Gaia-worshipper who is also a bastard lawyer.

And if this comes to pass, will any of our political parties protect our freedoms?

Will they fuck.


AndrewSouthLondon said...

Ecofacism has come of age. Soon, DECC "Denounce a Skeptic" Hotline. Report your neighbours for having ungreen thoughts. Carbon Crimewatch. People are waiting to take your calls right now...

Anonymous said...

It's clear that the battles of the 21st. century will be against global governance allied to AGW centered ecofascism.

As Richard North is prone to saying, we will have to rise up and slaughter them.

microdave said...

Why can't these fuckwits just be honest for once, and say that the only way to "Save" the planet is to shut down 21st century life and go back to living in caves. If you stop every form of environmental damage caused by mankind, that would be the only option.

"the brainchild of British lawyer-turned-campaigner Polly Higgins." How convenient that a Lawyer should come up with yet another idea for the legal profession to make shed loads of money...

Jiks said...

*dons flame-proof suit*

I confess, I used to believe in CACC but when I finally got off my behind and actually investigated it properly I discovered it was complete crap. All of it! I had even less excuse than most for falling for it as my degree was in Environmental Management, taken many years ago when the subject was a science not religion.

Anyway, I'm secure enough to admit I was utterly, dead wrong but many people have invested a lot of ego in CACC being true and we don't like to admit we were wrong, do we?

I guess my point is not only do the people with vested financial interests and the statist control freaks who want to use it as an excuse to control every aspect of our lives need to be overcome .. there are also a large number of people out there who are starting to suspect something is seriously amiss but can't/won't admit it. Yet. Win them over, perhaps with a little more sugar and theres a chance ...

Anonymous said...

A number of commenters have berated me for not focusing on the coming General Election—to which my reply is "what's the fucking point?"

Maybe I'm so far out of the loop that I'm mistaken, but I was under the impression that you are the leader of a political party that has some (?) candidates standing in the election?

So whether the GE is a charade or not, you really ought to try to appear to be interested; unless you really don't care whether your readers give a fuck about your party or not.

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