Friday, April 30, 2010

On standing for Parliament

Martin Cullip has a rather good post over at The Free Society, explaining why he is undertaking the seemingly futile act of standing as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the Libertarian Party.

All of it is interesting—and true—but it is his conclusion that best sums up what we are doing.
My father wasn’t under any illusion that he would have much impact on the 1974 general election, but he felt he had to do ‘his bit’. Likewise, as a candidate for the nascent Libertarian Party, I’m not kidding myself that my standing will do much more than raise a few eyebrows.

I can’t contemplate not voting, though, and if there is no party to vote for when none of them show any interest in restoring the liberties that they have all contrived to take from us, what else is there for a guy to do but stand up for his beliefs and for those who have been similarly disenfranchised?

And, if nothing else, at least I can now vote for someone I know I can trust.

So many people have asked why we have undertaken to start this party: "what is the point," they cry, "when you haven't got a chance of being in government?" I think that Martin's article answers that question perfectly.

Although, I would also add the riposte, "because no one else will."

Ha! Apart from Old Holborn who, you have to admit, has balls. Your humble Devil had a long conversation with the man—unmasked—before the Adam Smith Institute's Blogger's Bash last night, and he detailed, with relish, the colossal amount of fun that he's having standing for Parliament in Cambridge.

When faced with having to put down his address, he simply said that he was "homeless". When challenged, by the Electoral Commission, to give his name for the count, he changed his name by deed poll. I particularly liked his assertion that, should he actually get elected, he would change his name, for the first day, to David Cameron. And, since he's a man in a mask, we could all have our day in Parliament.

I really hope that he does get elected—it would be so much fun...


Leg-iron said...

The Labour party, not so long ago, were an upstart bunch of no-hopers.

Since then they have risen to Government and fallen to be beaten in local elections by the Monster Raving Loony party. Probably because it has become hard to tell which is the more loony.

I hope you win, and if not, I hope you hurt the vote in those constituencies.

Mark Wadsworth said...

The really funny bit is that on the BBC election pages, he is listed as Holborn Old.

So he should have changed his name to "Holborn Old" and they would have listed him as "Old Holborn". Ah well, you live and learn.

Ian B said...

I hope he at least beats the Trade Unionist And Socialist Coalition.

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