Monday, April 05, 2010

The new Green narrative

With the science around catastrophic anthropogenic climate change (CACC) starting to unravel and more and more evidence of exaggeration of the consequences coming to light, the eco-loons are scrabbling around frantically for a new narrative with which to fuel the terror needed to sustain their quasi-religious dogma.

And it seems that they have found it, and that narrative can be summed up in two simple words—Godwin's Law.

Don't believe me? Via Bishop Hill, here's arch-Greenie James Lovelock—writing on the 29 March—telling us how we should confront this impending doom. [Emphasis mine.]
One of the main obstructions to meaningful action is "modern democracy", he added. "Even the best democracies agree that when a major war approaches, democracy must be put on hold for the time being. I have a feeling that climate change may be an issue as severe as a war. It may be necessary to put democracy on hold for a while."

Now, as regular readers of The Kitchen will know, I am no fan of democracy—it simply being the tyranny of the majority expressed in a voting system—but it is the best system that we know for preserving liberty. And why?

Because some demagogue cunt like James Lovelock cannot oppress us in order to pursue his lunatic obsession. Of course, the disadvantage of democracy is that all of our main parties are also oppressing us to pursue their lunatic Green credentials but, then, since so much of said oppression is had down from their EU masters on high, their is little that any of these lily-livered politicos can do about it.

But, just to ram home the point, I shall steal Longrider's words in order to paint a picture of the kind of hideousness that Lovelock is contemplating.
Close your eyes for a moment and picture Gordon Brown deciding that he will now lead a war cabinet – a coalition government of national unity for the foreseeable future and this will be a long war. How does that make you feel? So, should we follow Lovelocks’s thinking and suspend democracy?

Horrible, I think you'll agree. Anyway, I digress...

Lovelock has already espoused the idea that climate change is akin to a Total War situation for, remember, the last time that we suspended democracy in this country was in World War II.

So, imagine my total lack of surprise when, via the prolific Tom Nelson, I find an article by the High Priest of CACC, James Hansen, written on 5 April and also drawing a parallel between CACC and the second world war.
The predominant moral issue of the 21st century, almost surely, will be climate change, comparable to Nazism faced by Churchill in the 20th century and slavery faced by Lincoln in the 19th century. Our fossil fuel addiction, if unabated, threatens our children and grandchildren, and most species on the planet.

These moral equivalences have been drawn before by loony Green nutters, but now that the big boys have broken cover with their narrative du jour, expect to see a lot more of this "CACC is like fighting the Nazis" bullshit.

That is, of course, if these watermelon bastards—such as Greenpeace—aren't actively threatening you.
We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work.

And we be many, but you be few.

Sssh, I think I hear Greenpeace at the door! Oh god, they're coming in! What—what do you want...?

"For you, Devil, ze war is over. It is off to ze work camps for you, schnell..."




IncrediblySustainablePerson said...

It is akin to a Total War. It's just that being on the receiving end we don't (yet) see it that way.
And they have Superstate and adjunct institutions on their side.

DK, you need to dig further. Who will be directly profiting from this nefarious scheme here in the UK?

The fish’, as the saying goes, ‘always stinks from the head downwards.’

Tim Wallace said...

Though just on Tuesday, Lovelock was saying it was too late to do anything about climate change ( - lets hope he really means it, and shuts up for good.

Roger Thornhill said...

From the Grand Jury of the Commission Against Ungreen Activity

"are you, or have you ever been a driver of an automobile?"

"I need a car to..."

"That's not the question! That's not the question!" (bangs gavel)

Anonymous said...

I, for one, welcome our new Green Overlords and I look forward to helping them round up others to toil in the underground sugar mines.

Query? said...

On the subject of total war and climate change, just how is spending £97 billion on a replacement for Trident nuclear weapons going to protect us from climate change; dictatorship as proposed by James Lovelock, or terrorists, be they eco-terrorists or otherwise?

Anonymous said...

We had a bloody sight more freedom during the war than we have now. Too many of these bastards don't know what wartime conditions were.
AGW is a fraud, to make the rich richer, taking it of course from the poor.


Jeff Wood said...

Derek, you make a serious point. My Dad was RAF in the War, and he seems to reckon he was freer then, even over German skies, than now.

No doubt he exaggerates a little, but only a little.

I think it was here, some six months ago, that I speculated that the Greenies would turn to terrorism, and several of you agreed. That was even before Climategate. This post, and the previous one from DK, show which way the wind is beginning to blow.

Tomrat said...

Be comforted DK by the fact that their greenie deathcamps- sorry I mean happycamps, will feature 3 square meals (of tofu hell) a day, free dick-head-friendly whiteboy dreadlocks for all and all the hemp clothing you can manufacture (but not smoke. you fascist for even thinking that). Beanburgers and soya milk all round!

Antisthenes said...

Let us round up all these AGW mongers and stick them in a space ship and blast them off toward the sun and say "you want warm try that for warm".

microdave said...

According to WUWT, Greenpeace have backed down - although they trot out the usual excuse that the comments were "taken out of context"....

Led said...

Would the humble devil like to perhaps rant a bit about the f**king disgrace of having the discussion about the Digital Economy Bill rammed through the commons debate so close to the election being announced (with no doubt all MPs running around doing errands et al for the upcoming marathon).

Sickening. I think a party needs to make some noise about this

Letters From A Tory said...

Hopefully, even if the Greens do get their first ever MP in 2010, news of it will be swamped by a Conservative victory and the Greens will quickly slip back into irrelevance.

Andrew B said...

I thought the Blues were the new Greens?

Where's your support for new coal-fired plants? Or airport expansion c/f eco-railway white-elephant building?

Weasel worded gits, the lot of them.

If you want to know how useful that teflon-coated forked-tongue oik Cameron will be, look at his fore-runner in New Zealand, John Key:

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