Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Leaders' Debate

Oh wow! It's only taken about ten minutes for the three Big Party leaders to attempt to outdo themselves in how unpleasant and draconian they are going to be to immigrants.

Any minute now, the camera will pan up and we'll see Nick Griffin holding the strings on three puppets. That must be the case.

Because surely Brown, Cameron and Clegg cannot possibly be this authoritarian and unpleasant, can they?

UPDATE 08.51pm: ah, yes, we haven't addressed the problems of crime committed by drug addicts. We aren't tackling the underlying problems, says Cameron. No, Dave, you haven't—legalise drugs.


Pogo said...

You must have more patience than me and the missus... It took about 5 minutes before we turned over to watch the tag-end of a rerun of "Mythbusters".

indigomyth said...

"oh wow" - it just isn't the same

commentor said...

What a bunch of muddy funsters they are

John East said...

I struggled through to the end to see if Cameron could land just one punch, but he consistently failed to beat off the joint Brown/Clegg assault.

The next poll will be a slashed Tory lead with the Liberals in the mid-twenties.

Rob said...

I'm sure if we offer addicts abstinence instead of methadone they'll jump at the chance and never touch smack again. Maybe they'll even start going to church.

Morus said...

It was amazing wasn't it.

All three supported restricting immigration: Brown by skill-level, Cameron by number, Clegg by region.

A friend pointed out the other day that capitalism needs both free flow of capital *and* of labour.

The Left usually wants free movement of labour (sympathy for those less fortunate in having been born elsewhere), but hates free movement of capital (preferring taxes, tariffs, and protectionism).

The Right usually wants free movement of capital (support for wealthier who have it to move) yet hate free movement of labour (because it means non-indigenous people changing our Britishness or something).

In that sense, the BNP get the dummy prize for consistency - protectionist economics *and* a hatred of foreigners moving here.

I'd love to see a major party that was prepared to say "if you are not a security threat, and if you agree not to be a net burden on the state until you are a citizen, come on in. We welcome you, and the economic prosperity you bring (if least in helping support an ever-aging population)"

Where have all the Liberals gone?

laurence said...

They may all SAY they will be tough on immigration, but they all know that they can't be anything of the sort until we get back control of our own borders - which means leaving the EU.
Having a controlled, sensible and moderate rate of immigration is not being 'draconian' - it is in the interests of all, including the immigrants.

man with a white van said...

I really don't think that anyone was having a pop at immigrants in the debate...I for one was happy that at least we can start talking about it without be labeled racists.

I'm not against immigration but I am also not in favour of anybody or everybody coming to UK claiming benefits and hospital treatment because someone has to pay for it.

As for Nick Clegg doing so well in everone's opinion I wish he hadn't waved his arms around so madly like one of Ken Dodds diddymen!

Anonymous said...

I missed it.

But I would like to propose that we change the term
'Those in authority'
'Public Servants'

john in cheshire said...

The problem with immigration is that we, the indigenous population, like Americans, and Australians, and New Zealanders etc because they are white and have the same belief systems as ourselves. we can tolerate some Europeans - some French, Germans, Spanish, Dutch -because they are few in numbers and they are also civilised. But what we can't tolerate are the unwashed hordes of third world untermenschen who have invaded our lands. And to then tell us that they are our equals is to add insult to the situation. We don't want and we don't need third world, intellectual inferiors invading this country. And the sooner a party is elected to eject them the better.

Generalfeldmarschall said...

Boring, boring, boring.

I previously followed DK - in among the obscenities was incisive comment. You seem to have lost both.

For ***** sake. You (for good reason) have a self-denying ordinance against bad language - for ***'* sake, restore the incisiveness!

Anonymous said...

I chose not to watch. Red, blue or yellow - I have no interest in the colour of my jailer.

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