Monday, April 19, 2010

A fewtril or two

First, there are a number of people who, in justifying their glee at the downfall of The Kitchen, point out that I was often very unpleasant about people—what amuses your humble Devil is that most of them then go on to be extremely unpleasant about me. Keyboard warriors are, it seems, filled with much bravado...

I am also thrilled to see that the fact that I am "also a Tim-nice-but-dim posh boy" has brought so many people such pleasure—although it's a bit strange because I always thought that The Left were opposed to bigotry. Alas, it seems that they are opposed to "bad" bigotry but are still fully on board with the "good" bigotry.

Still, it just goes to show that one really can learn from one's mistakes, eh?

On a completely different note, it is useful to understand that the correct parsing of a verb carries much meaning. As we all know, the past participle of "hang" is "hung", unless it is referring to the method of execution. You may think that this is mere hair-splitting, but consider the following sentence.
Many people are hoping for a hung Parliament. I, of course, am hoping for a hanged Parliament.

These small things make such a difference—don't you agree?

(By the way, I am currently ploughing through the archives and hope to pull through many of the past posts—especially, as requested, those on ClimateGate.)


DM Andy said...

Hang on Chris, I wasn't one who rejoiced in the end of the Kitchen, but you would have to admit that you've engaged in a spot of keyboard warrioring in your time.

Moaning about what people say about you makes you sound like you can dish it out but can't take it.

David Gillies said...

I never had you down as a Tim-nice-but-dim. More a Tim-evil-but-smart. I'd hope to be counted in the same complement (ex-public school; not a witless lefty poof.)

The sort of collegial debating society stuff we read about, where Tory MPs excoriate their Socialist opponents across the floor and then have a couple of crafty G+T's together in the Strangers', is utter anathema to me. I despise essentially all members of the Labour Party, and would not be seen dead drinking with the vile authoritarian cunts. There's not many more than a platoon's worth of Tories I'd cross the road to piss on if they were on fire. The whole complement of the Lib Dems should be sealed in a supernumerary destroyer, sailed out to mid-Atlantic, and scuttled with all hands.

Civility be damned: if you're agin my politics, which are for low taxes and the utmost reduction of your intrusion into the way I manage my affairs, then you're my enemy and the enemy of the human race, and the idea I'll play a merry game of footer across No-Man's Land in between trying to put a bullet in you is brainsick bullshit. Fuck off.

the a&e charge nurse said...

Oh, and as to the main substance of the post - it seems even not even left/liberals can resist the temptation to kick a man while he's down?

Every body has a 'devilish' side it seems - all you need do is create the right conditions to let him/her out?

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