Monday, April 12, 2010

The Debt Clock starts ticking

NB I am not the Devil

The vast figure above, ticking ever upwards, is the national debt - right now, at this very minute. It's been borrowed by politicians to fund their blunders and foolishness, but it is you and I as taxpayers who will have to pay it off. If, like me, you're furious that we are being saddled with the vast burden, you're going to enjoy the TPA's latest campaign - the UK Debt Clock Tour.

We've built a gigantic digital clock mounted on a lorry that counts up the national debt in real time at a breakneck pace - over £5,000 a second.

Over the next two weeks it's going to be touring the country, travelling over 1,300 miles to take the message about the vast scale of the national debt, and exactly why it is such a problem, to the people.

If you'd like to get your own Debt Clock widget, as shown above, click this link to get the code for your blog or website.

For more information on the Debt Clock, the dates and locations of the tour and the national debt itself, visit

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Techo said...

...yet all the main political parties are committed to increasing our national debt by wasting money on pointless big government projects, such as a £97 billion replacement for Trident nuclear weapons which have no military purpose now that the cold War is over.

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