Saturday, April 10, 2010

Adobe is hiring! (Mac users need not apply)

As some will know, Adobe is the software development company that makes such applications as Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign—all those applications that professional graphic designers rely on. One such application is Flash and the next release of that application was going to allow programmers to compile Flash applications for the iPhone—only Apple has just scuppered that in their new iPhone OS 4 SDK (which delivers, amongst other things, multi-tasking—eliminating one of my gripes about the iPad).

Incensed, Adobe developer Jim Dowdell tweeted thusly...
I know that a number of good people work at Apple. If you're seeking a more ethical company, Adobe is hiring:

Really? Gosh—let's go and have a look at the recruitment page that Jim is pointing those Apple developers to, shall we? Hang on, what's this...? [Emphasis mine.]
Adobe has a new talent acquisition system. This system is optimized for performance on IE 6 or IE 7, running on Windows XP. Unfortunately it is not supported on Firefox, nor is it supported on a Mac at this time.

Way to go, Adobe! Here's a software development company whose "talent acquisition system" software, apparently, doesn't even work on standards-based browsers.

Further, a developer at Adobe—a company which was started by ex-Apple employees and became a big company through, initially, selling Mac-only software—is urging Apple employees to apply for jobs through a system that doesn't support Macs.

Nice one, Jim, you moron.

DISCLAIMER: I own an insignificant number of Apple shares—currently sitting at $241.79...


Shug Niggurath said...

Hahaha, looks like that page is quite old and never modernised; IE6? 2001?? IE7 came out in 2006 I think.

If you go to the page and click on the link to register the form buttons are like old Windows 98 ones. I think it's probably ancient, in web terms.

Unknown said...

I don't believe that either of the founders of Adobe every worked for Apple. They founded Adobe after leaving Xerox.The first product was Postscript ( a page markup language, not specific to any manufacturer ).

Why not just make up a generic post that "Apple are great and everyone else is shit". Then post it now and then when you are bored?

assegai mike said...

Item on this and more in the Telegraph, here:

Anonymous said...

Heh, heh - stuffed up his radio interview this morning, now just reduced to ridiculous Fanboi whining... Oh where has the real DK gone....

Guido wins again....

Anonymous said...

adobe need to pull their thumbs out

their products are just horrible.

people moan on and on about no flash on the iphone.

if you see how baddly flash loads your cpu on your desktop/laptop then you'll see why it has no place on handheld devices.

my Netbook simply cant view flash heavy webpages. the flash player plugin with FF has the cpu peddling 100%.

even on my mac book pro, with safari or FF, flash again has the fans spinning up at cpu usage rockets.

Photoshop and Illustrator are sluggish to load up

LightRoom is just sluggish. Period. and again it hogs CPU like mad when using the sliders in the UI.

Adobe PDF reader.... havent actually used this in a long time because FoxIT reader does it all and is literally lightning quick.

Adobe literally sucks.

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