Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Posting still light

Your humble Devil apologises once again for posting very little—apart from these posts apologising for the lack of posting—but I'm afraid that my real life work is intruding once again. Following another reshuffle, my responsibilities have moved from plain marketing to product management.

Small though this shift may seem, it means that I am now responsible for the development of a range of somewhat sketchily-defined and thus somewhat behind-schedule product lines. As well as this, I am still wearing a number of other assorted hats—including design liaison for a few clients, lead company graphic designer, information architecture process guru, keynote speaker at our regular seminars, and copywriter.

Plus, of course, I have a few outside interests on my curriculum—including the Libertarian Party (under whose auspices I am speaking at Exeter University Freedom Society next week), a possible part in a play, and one or two other bits and pieces.

As such, it is entirely likely that posting will continue to be light until sometime in 2011. Unless something interesting happens.

And no: the general election (probably) doesn't count. After all, the winners will either be the blue socialists, or the red socialists or the yellow socialists—where's the excitement in that...?


Unknown said...

As to your last coment DK.....usually think nyour posts are great. BUT

Have you forgotten that the current Labour government have done things to destroy democracy that NO other previous government has done???? This is NOT AN NORMAL ELECTION. It could be the last real chance to reclaim some democracy. That is not to say we won't have to watch the next lot that comes in. But so far the new batch of Tories that does not get the press are the guys we BADLY need to repair our sinking ship. They are pro democracy but tough on the EU and on economy.
Don't forget what Labour have done to our freedoms.

EyeOnDubai said...

Ahh, the perennial chestnut, where to find a decent copywriter when you don't have time to look. Drop me a line, and I'll write you screeds.



David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

Get some more bloggers old devil.

My apprentice, Fred Bloggs, a real person (not the one you have met, and not one of my avatars) is able to help if you want.

Anonymous said...

I'm voting for an independent socialist, in protest against the three main socialists. It's nail-biting stuff.

CityUnslicker said...

LIke sounds good Mr Devil, excellent. A full life is a happy one.

BTS said...

So you've been working for the government on the plain packaging for cigarettes and are now currently working on product managing my little sticks of joy into further state control?

You sell-out bastard..

(Couldn't resist..)

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