Sunday, March 14, 2010

A message to the voters of Scotland...

... from Scottish National Party MP Pete Wishart and can be summed up thusly.
Dear people of Scotland,

Fuck you: fuck you very much. You are of absolutely no account, you cunts.



The relevant quote was brought my attention by my colleague, The Filthy Smoker, in his recent excellent rant: it struck me as being so stark, so obviously a great, big "Fuck You" to the people of Scotland that I thought it was worth highlighting.
Let me clarify: everybody in Scotland is for minimum pricing, whether they are health professionals, chief police officers and the licensing authorities. The only people against minimum pricing in Scotland are the Labour party in the Scottish Parliament, the Liberals in the Scottish Parliament and of course the Conservatives, as we would expect.

That's right. The people of Scotland—you know, the ones who aren't health professionals, chief police officers, the licensing authorities or other state agents—are absolutely supportive of more expensive alcohol. In fact, they can't wait.

Having lived in Scotland for ten years, I find it very hard to believe that Pete Wishart's assertion is even vaguely true. In fact, I would say that his assertion that "everybody in Scotland is for minimum pricing" as a massive fucking lie.

Thus, I can say for a fact that Pete Wishart MP is a liar.

Quod erat demonstrandum.

UPDATE: to interpret Pete Wishart's motivations, one has, as always, to follow the money. And, under the minimum pricing suggestion, the increase in cash would go to the producer of the booze. And, sure enough...
I represent three fantastic whisky distilleries in my constituency, two of which support minimum pricing.

Well, ain't that a surprise, eh?

Interesting Factoid of the Day: Pete Wishart used to be a member of Runrig, thus continuing the tradition of popular music stars who should shut the fuck up about politics.


w macvean said...

I don't think its the money but a health freak mentality which seems to infest the snp

Alex Salmond said...

Minimin pricing will not affect Whiskey. Whiskey is above the price of drinks that would be affected by the new legislation.

It will reduce the Labour voting plebs of West Central Scotland living on super strength Cider and Buckfast Wine.

To assert we do not need to do something about Scotland's drinking it a slightly fucking stupid position to take.

All the professional organisations support this from the police to the doctors.

I will give you the benefit of the doubt as I always enjoy your blog. I will put this rant down to the ill-informed ranting of my southern cousin who has not the slightest fucking clue what he is talking about on this subject.

Scotland needs to reduce drinking. Every fucking person in our country knows this.

Anonymous said...

Whiskey Alex? Shome mishtake shurely?

The fact that all proffesionals support it is menaingless. Quite alot of German proffesionals used to support Judenfrei too. Did that make that alright too did it?

Does Scotland need to reduce its drinking? I live in Scotland and disagree completely. Some people need to stop causing trouble when they are drunk, but I think you will find that there have long been laws to punish the offenders. That is of course, if the police can bother there arses to do anything about it. No, its much easier to try and say that something should be done/banned.

And please don't come back with the NHS or I might have to come around to your mill and bury it with the alcohol duty that is left after treating alcohol related illness.

Devil's Kitchen said...


Your humble Devil lived in Scotland for a decade, and I am well aware of the Scottish culture of drinking—a lot. It's why I had such fun up there...


P.S. You appear to be a bit confused: Scotland distills whisky, not whiskey (the Irish version).

Anonymous said...

Maybe Alex has had a bit too much Jameson's DK?

Perhaps we should call the police. Just to save himself from himself

Anonymous said...

First they chased all the smokers.
Next, it's going to be the drinkers.
But at the end of this road is the real goal - all the free thinkers.

Anonymous said...

MP's proposing minimum pricing never ask the question "why are so many people drinking"?

Couldn't have anything to do with their policies driving people to drink could it? said...

Great scoop DK! Following the money never fails, huh?

Anonymous said...

Rather looks as though Mr Wishart is suffering from a death wish (or at least A WISH TO LOSE HIS JOB)


Last year the ANC purchased 230 million pounds worth of whisky,so we are now having to pay for zumas condoms,or his shower,which ever he is using this week,although the 25,000 rapists every year do not have time to use one,this is a boost for the british economy .Whisky unaffected by any price increase,i wonder why that is?

The Pedant-General said...

I am in Scotland.
I do NOT support minimum pricing for alcohol.
Although this is, on its face, enough to disprove the "everyone in Scotland" idea, it might be dismissed as anecdote, not data.

However, neither can I find anyone who supports minimum pricing for alcohol.

When do we get to hang them all?

Anonymous said...

You really can't describe anyone who was in Runrig, a not very successful Big Country cover band, as a "Star" you know.

But Wishart does at least prove once again that old adage that politics is show business for ugly people.

Dr Evil said...

But..........the EU has already said minimum pricing is illegal. So the bastards will have to charge a duty to hike the price. This will be interesting as I expect that is the province of the national parliament in Westmonster. Oh what fun times we live in with all these mega geniuses running the various countries and shooting their mouths off and spouting utter bollocks as usual. It makes you feel so proud!

Anonymous said...

As Chalcedon points out, minimum pricing is explicitly illegal under EU free trade rules. As it happens, the Irish Government have recently tried to impose minimum prices of tobacco in their country, and have similarly run into this EU rule; massively bumping up the duty simply means that people travel elsewhere (Calais for us Brits, the Canary Islands for the Irish) to buy booze and fags and bring them back quite legally under the EU free trade rules.

It would appear that for politicians, learning and obeying laws is something that happens to other people, until they happen to run up against something bigger, harder and nastier than they are, such as the EU. This is also why Euroskepticism is slowly waning in Britain; our current rulers are a bunch of incompetent liars, embezzelers and thieves, and so it is actually quite a good idea to swap them for a much more remote den of lying thieves, especially as this other group are quite staggeringly incompetent at applying their rules.

NickM said...

"The only people against minimum pricing in Scotland are the Labour party in the Scottish Parliament, the Liberals in the Scottish Parliament and of course the Conservatives, as we would expect."

And presumably all the folks who voted for those parties. Just a thought.

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