Sunday, March 14, 2010

Mad Nad: declaring war on scantily clad women

Corrupt Tory MP, "Mad" Nad Dorries has another target in her sights right now—posters of scantily-clad women.
If you live or work in London you simply cannot help but be confronted by posters adorning the sides of all TFL buses depicting three beautiful teenage lingerie models. The poster is frankly OTT. Since when did it become acceptable to have larger than life posters of provocative and scantily clad women moving up and down every street in London? Where did the mystery go?

Woah! Could this be the same Nadine Dorries who carries a prominent picture of a scantily-clad ropey old boiler surrounded by other scantily-clad (and possibly under-age) girls on her blog's header banner...?

Yes. Yes, it could.

Oh, where did the mystery go, Nadine? Where?

Oh woe.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you, DK. I for one am glad that Nadine is going to save us from ourselves.

If there's been one thing wrong with the Labour Government over the past 13 years, it's been their total lack of interference in everyday life and their abject failure to graft their personal morality onto society through oppressive legislation.

I can see that a Tory Government with Nadine in it will rectify this situation quick-smart. Thank the fuck Christ, says I. Thank the fuck Christ we finally have someone willing to tell us what we're allowed to see, watch, listen to, eat, wear and think. Thank fuck that a British political party is finally taking a stand against freedom of choice and in favour of Doing What Nanny Tells You.

Huzzah for Nadine!

Northampton Saint said...

Shame that Nads wasn't so up tight about posters of Ben Cohen in his briefs a few years ago, or various other sportsMEN now.

Anonymous said...

Women who dress and act sexy are setting impossible standards for the others to live up to. It's simply not acceptable.
And while we're on the subject, what about those handsome men who act romantic and dress sharp? How are the slobs amongst us supposed to live up to that? Film stars, rock stars, celebs, they set an impossible standard. It makes me feel inadequate. I am being oppressed. Will someone do something about it, please? No wonder young boys feel so confused. The pyschological damage is obvious. Look at the youth crime and antisocial behaviour figures. This portrayal of phoney hunks in the media must be stamped out.

Tomrat said...

She's dead dead wrong.

It's the same model, Megan Fox, and quite frankly it made my meanderings in the smoke going to the LPUK meet bearable after a 4.5 hour coach trip.

I'll echo Guido's comments; she'll be applying this to those footballer images.

Unknown said...

I'm about to have a J. Arthur [Rank] while waiting for the number 9 bus to pass by my wind...too late, it's gone! But there's another one in half an hour!

The Stigler said...

The Conservative Party went wrong because they modernised under Cameron in a very wishy-washy way, instead of finding a leader who could modernise how they should, which was to boot out the Tory Taliban wing of the party (like Dorries) and instead be a rationalist, eurosceptic, classic liberal party.

If they'd have done so, they'd have faced much harder times early on but now be on for victory.

Titfan said...

You just don't appreciate the female form. Nad may be close to brain death, but she has nice tits.

Richard said...

Scantily-clad ropey old boiler? Yes please!

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot. That has just finally ended any hope of me voting Tory ever again.

JuliaM said...

She really is a credit to her party, isn't she?

Tomrat said...


Got an idea for a counter-campaign:


Every year hundreds of articles are written by ugly (or atleast so so)-looking women incensed at yet another hot girl selling a companies products to lonely, young men, bored old men or middling exec men (I.e. men in general).

Calls are made to condemn these beautiful hot young ladies to selling coffee at starbucks, makeup at Debenhams or driving them overseas to make films with Shia LaBouth.

We say to this:

END envy cruelty!

END calls for stalling their livelihood!

MORE jubblies on the side of buses making are morning commute bearable!

LESS of that footballer giving me pecs-envy (the bastard).



She is only toeing the official cameron line,"it is mainstream britan which needs to integrate more with the muslim way of life,not the other way round"and is only trying to make this country fit for them to live in,expect to see her in a burka very soon.

Roger Thornhill said...

"ropey old boiler"

She'd better watch out. Someone will trade her in for £400.

microdave said...

If she doesn't like "living and working in London" the answer is simple: PISS OFF!!! - We don't like you fleecing us with your extravagant demands, and telling us what to do, so go find somewhere that does meet with your approval. How about Saudi Arabia? You won't be troubled by posters of scantily clad ladies there.....

NickM said...

"If you live or work in London you simply cannot help but be confronted by posters adorning the sides of all TFL buses depicting three beautiful teenage lingerie models."

Unfortunately I live and work near Manchester.

Oh, and "scantily clad lingerie models". Jesus fucking wept. Nad, by definition lingerie models are scantily clad. Otherwise they'd be raincoat models or meddlesome ratbags. Where's the mystery? Not in their bras and panties but in your head Nad.

Trixy said...

I personally had a serious objection to those powerade adverts with hot, oiled, muscular men.

I was so outraged I had to keep stopping in the street and staring at them.

Robin said...

Are the three scantily clad girls appealing to other females to buy that lingerie, or are they put there to appeal to dirty old men ?

Anonymous said...

Lol, what a hypocrite.

naturalnoble said...

Those women would only really pass for scantily clad in a convent though.

VicolaW said...

I object strongly to scantily clad women being on the side of buses. However if they even this atrocity out with some nice pics of well oiled fit blokes or Hugh Jackman in just his pants, my objections will mysteriously vanish and all will be well. I shall be writing to Boris to inform him of this immediately.

Letters From A Tory said...

They don't look very under-age to me, quite the contrary!

Anonymous said...

Warped female logic.
Go out on Saturday night with a skirt halfway up your arse ,then complain that men are eyeing them up.
Right or wrong ?

mark patrick norris said...

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If this was Old Holborn's blog, the comments section would by now be full of people saying "yeah, but I'd still do her daughter" said...

Not your finest post, DK. But it still gave me a laugh.

Old Holborn said...

yeah, but you would, wouldn't you?

VicolaW said...

Am I missing something very deep and meaningful in Mark Patrick Norris's comments? Because I have to be honest, I don't understand them.

Trixy said...

@VW: I didn't read them

Anonymous said...

That's what the system does to some people.

If this was Old Holborn's blog said...

Then 90% of the comments would actually be written by a single BNP campaigner with poor literacy skills and many user names, desperately trying to convince us all that the real problem with New Labour's socialism is that it's not sufficiently Nazi.

I am Stan said...


I shall fight this Socialist Nazi nannying by posting as many scantily clad women on my blog as possible!!.

No need to thank, me I consider it my duty!.

Bring back page 3`s Zoe!

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

The point has been missed. Mad Nad has missed it too.

We like lingerie models, and preferably scantily-clad, because it's nice. it signals sex, which is what life is all about.

Sex, and its thrills, is the reward which your genes give you (because you are a machine made by them for making more copies of them, for them) for trying to send them on down the ages into more machines: and this being preferably through the use of lingerie-models, because your genes will pass out of you and into them quicker than they will into old Tory MP ratbags, who are functionally-unshaggable.

Oh and the antispam thingy says "LUMBINT" - I wonder if that's a hint?

Anonymous said...

She who stoops to conquer wears a low cut top

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