Friday, March 26, 2010

Libertarian Roundup #9

The Appalling Strangeness shows just how low support is for the ID card.

Constantly Furious has another delightful incidence of unintended consequences. And identifies the real story behind "Byersgate".

Meanwhile, the UK Libertarian tells us what the real crime of "Byersgate" was. And has a frightening video about the largest street gang in America.

Archbishop Cranmer says that Simon Cowell has bought the nation's soul.

Iain Martin of the WSJ points out how corporatism works.

Al Jahom translates union-speak for us.

The UK Liberty Network is now open for business!

And a stripper moans about government sticking their, um, noses in.

Toodle pip...!


Anonymous said...

These updates are great! Many thanks Sir!

Devil's Kitchen said...

Glad you enjoy them!

I'll let you into a secret: one of my colleagues does the round-up: I just vet them...


Constantly Furious said...

Cheers for the link lurve. When are you coming back though?

Anonymous said...

Why isn't the Libertarian Party capable of getting mainstream coverage like the Pirate Party?

Rhetorical question, I guess, as you are keen to support monopolistic intellectual property laws. Ho bloody hmm.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Good link, Anon. I particularly like this sentence...

"You may find them childish, ignorant and selfish - as I do ..."



John Demetriou said...

CF - you really really need to get a life, mate. Fucking hell, you're sad.

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