Saturday, February 20, 2010

You might as well set fire to the cash

The main problem that your humble Devil has with the "localism" agenda is that giving the kind of cunts who run our councils more money and power might actually tip these sacks of shit over the edge into some kind of screaming, jack-booted insanity, whereby they waste taxpayers' money on piss-poor, pointless and illiberal investigations of this sort.
A town mayor is at the centre of a potentially costly investigation over whether he smoked too close to council officials.

Fenland District Council in Cambridgeshire is investigating four allegations against John West, the Mayor of March, including that he "brandished a cigarette 30 centimetres from the face of two officers on two separate occasions".

Oh, for fuck's sake...
Mr West said he was the victim of a "witch hunt" and criticised the investigation as a waste of council tax payers' money.
He said the only incident to which he could imagine that the allegations referred was one Saturday morning last autumn when he helped council officers clear weeds from outside March station, during which he smoked.
He commented: "I do realise that as a smoker I'm the biggest pariah out there, but I don't think it's illegal to smoke outside – yet.

To put my fears more succinctly, what I fear is that the people who run councils are even more illiberal and cuntish than the thieving bastards at Westminster. Just look at the enthusiasm with which these local authorities embrace every new government diktat, enforcing them way beyond what's required.

For example, whilst it may have been central government that gave councils the power to pass certain by-laws, it was the councils themselves that enthusiastically started banning the drinking of alcohol in parks and streets. They didn't have to use these powers, but they did. (And let's not even mention RIPA, eh?)

There really is only one option: take every, single elected official and hang them from the nearest taxpayer-funded lamp-post. As for the employees... well...

Another good rule, which should most definitely be applied in this case, would be that any council or government employee deemed to have wasted taxpayers' money should be billed for the full cost.

That would make these shit-stains think twice about pissing our hard-earned cash up the fucking wall.



Elby the Beserk said...

Oh come on. My partner, self-employed, and not earning enough to save for her own pension, finds it an enormous honour that one third of her council tax goes towards pensions for these ... people.


Henry North London 2.0 said...

Have you seen the Wail?

Seems they buried this on the Day Labour made it fair for all

All council bin collections to be fortnightly now

The fuckers are at it again

Its a multi pronged attack

a future fair for all

Fair bin collections Now even those lucky people who could have their bins emptied every week ( myself included in London ) are now going to face fortnightly ones.


Jeff Wood said...

There is a problem here.

So much of central government should really be left to local government.

Trouble is, so many local government people are good only for landfill.

WV: attingun. Sounds good. Where can I buy one?

The Stigler said...

The one benefit of localism is that you can at least get competition over how people do things, or what they set as their priorities.

Smoking in the United States is very much a state issue (and sometimes down to city government, I think). The effect is that bars across the border gain from people voting with their feet. This takes money out of those states that act like petty fascists in favour of those that don't.

Localism also relies on central government treating all councils fairly. So, councils that piss money away don't get more money from central government to bail them out. They wallow in the shit or dig themselves out of it (or you have to think of another means of penalising them).

Much of the problem is now that local government isn't so much government as implementors of central government laws and this has changed since Thatcher who saw a few bad eggs (Liverpool, Brent) and took away a lot of their power.

We have councils implementing recycling bollocks for no other reason than because the EU fines them. We have diversity bollocks in places like Wiltshire, despite the fact that you will simply not meet a non-white person in most of the county.

Ray said...

"There really is only one option: take every, single elected official and hang them from the nearest taxpayer-funded lamp-post."

Poor Gavin Webb.

Chuckles said...

"any council or government employee deemed to have wasted taxpayers' money should be billed for the full cost."

Stable doors, horses, etc.

Far better that they have to initially pay out of their own pockets for ANY new idea they have. Then, if it actually works, the locals can vote on whether they get their money back. Or not.

Jiks said...

"Another good rule, which should most definitely be applied in this case, would be that any council or government employee deemed to have wasted taxpayers' money should be billed for the full cost."

See, now this is the best idea I've heard for ages. Might not be as enjoyable as hanging but is more practical.

Gareth said...

A major problem is that the local organs of the state answer first and foremost to the Government not to local elected, representative councils.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the salaries of these stinking cunt arses are published .
They'l be getting bricks through their fucking windows.
Vile theiving parasitic little bastards.

Anonymous said...

Its a ploy to deploy a local commisariate ,
stinks of EUSSR to me

Pat said...

I'm with Gareth. But for localism to work it must be complete. That is local government must be funded entirely from local taxation with no possibility of central government subsidy, and no requirement for local government to enact policies that they don't want to.
Sure some local authorities, at least to start with, will enact all sorts of daft things- but as Joseph Takagi said, there will be competition with neighbouring authorities and the voters will be able to get things changed.
Also a council that is actually responsible for highway maintenance, waste disposal, public health, and social care without central government interference will have their hands too full for play acting. Most of the silliness that comes from local government comes from the politicians need to pretend to be important whilst they aren't.
Indeed since the creation of the EU much stupid posturing comes from parliament for the same reason- they want to look important but aren't.

Umbongo said...

In the Local Government Act 2000 Labour removed the power to surcharge councillors in the event they voted for - or authorised - something illegal (which included wasting funds even though the activity on which the funds were wasted was legal). Labour was quite happy to see Mrs Tesco surcharged for gerrymandering in Westminster but God forbid any Labour spendthrift paying one penny in compensation for chucking council tax payers money down Labour drains.

Martin Meenagh said...

I presume that you have seen this;

Tories now plan to take payroll tax and National Insurance direct from people's bank accounts. This government has already taken the power to itself to 'confiscate' and reallocate to 'charity' dormant bank accounts, and are planning to raid accounts after death to pay for care.

Would you be having an opinion on that, Mr Devil?

Anonymous said...

I often jest about killing and barbecuing and eating these people, because after they have won, there will be nothing left.

However, that is wasteful and does not employ sustainable local food-production methods, as they so often advocate. Local food for local people. no food-miles! When all the councillors and "local authority staff" and their children, have been eaten, there will be no meat animals left except rats and mice which are small, disgusting, disease-ridden and faster on their feet than bureaucrats. And those of us who have survived the bureaucrats' initial pogrom, now started, will starve and die.

What we should do, since they treat us as their farm animals, is farm them for food. All the sex books which you people are too young to remember and which were published in the 60s and early 70s, and which contained disgusting pictures of staggeringly-unnattractive people shagging each other (all the males were brunette wierdy-beardies and all the females had vast black pubic hair and saggy small breasts and no waists - you may have seen this sort of thing for 15p in charity shops in Hendon) indicate that the parents of these people (who must have written and read the books) don't mind if their sex-partners are repellent and smell terrible.

In this case, they won't mind living in pig-sties organically, naked, and being ordered to shag for breeding purposes whichever female we command them to shag, to produce edible offspring, each year.

As a substitute for calf's liver, we'll slaughter their children at the age of three or four. For foie-gras, we'll force-feed the more healthy teenagers aged about 13-15, who may already have had use forfast-breeding-purposes, and use their livers. These also would provide almost the regulation-length of organic sausages, to "meetproduction targets", unlke the toddlers.

Instead of hormone-injections, we'll force-feed the shaggy-males with plenty of viagra and porn-videos, which they can watch-while-shagging, while their female has bag over her head. He can opt to wear one too as a privilege, if he co-operates with the "Farmer": this is only in case the female's head-bag falls off in the vibration and pelvic-thrusting and he has to contemplate her directly.

The people who are opposing us are wicked and cruel. This comment today is just to show that we also are human, and so we also can contemplate the intellectual possibility of unutterable cruelty also, to our enemies. We will just take what they do, to its logical conclusion.

Devil, if you feel this comment is too "near the bone" (sorry for that allusion, I could not resist its succulence) then you may feel free to delete it.

I do apologise, but this morning read what Cameron is suggesting about Bank Accounts, and what the Greek Government proposes to do about cash-transactions. I am enraged to a righteous level. It will never affect me for I don't seem ever to have more than £20 to rub together, but it's the principle that's undefinably wicked.

Do these people ever think about the wickedness of what they are trying to do? or do they prosecute their agenda _because_ it is wicked? I suspect they do. If so, we can encompass wickedness too, and in imaginatove ways which will take account of and inspan the barabousness with which their plans will engulf the earth.

Machine-Longbows! Don't forget!

That's enough cruelty for one day. Delete me if it's too much.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Devil old man. I really think I have overstepped the mark of Hhuman decency with that above comment. I've calmed down now, and I see sense.

But it's not much use, any more, I really believe and entreat you, just to call these people "cunts" and so forth. I think the stuggle has actually moved on, to a darker and more perverted phase than that.

Martin Wellbourne said...

I imagine that the Fenland geezah in trouble for waving his ciggie at some apparatchik is probably being punished for showing insufficient deferrence to the smoothie council "officer", who will almost certainly see him or herself as the social, moral and intellectual superior of some old chap from the fens who does something ghastly with onions. Elected? How quaint.

JuliaM said...

"To put my fears more succinctly, what I fear is that the people who run councils are even more illiberal and cuntish than the thieving bastards at Westminster."

It's like there's a race to the bottom, and both teams are neck and neck at this point...

JuliaM said...

And 'anon', I can only see one flaw in your plan.

The human reproductive cycle is too long - we'll need some genetic jiggery-pokery to make it work with the efficiency of existing types of animal husbandry.

JuliaM said...

Oh, and this just takes the bloody biscuit!

Is there nothing these people won't put their sticky fingers all over?

It took me five minutes with Google to find no end of cases where officially registered foster parents had proven about as safe to leave children with as your average wolfpack, but there's no mention of that in the 'Indy', is there?

This is classed as journalism now...?

Mitch said...

Burning the money would help the inflation figures so its probably the best option.

Prodicus said...

Wasting your breath. Even if YOU were i/c cutting spending,you could not speak personally to every manager: there are too many cnut-hidey-holes from inside which they ensure the cutting of spending ('Oh, yes, indeed, Minister') where it will cause maximum pain thereby (a) getting the voters to throw you out soonest (b) safeguard their own posts, pensions and perks until you're gone.

Lola said...

Well, yes, but. Just as important is limiting the money that local councils can collect and spend. There seem to be two choices available - local sales tax or Land value tax. Either would need to replace lots of other taxes, like VAT and council tax, to work properly.

They key is not to give politicians money.

(I prefer LVT)

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Devil Something for your delectation and pleasure

Buttered New Potato Cameron

Anonymous said...

Shameless plug:
Gandhi Speaks! :: Uncooperative Quangos

Anonymous said...

Mr Kitchen, I wonder what is the answer? If you disagree with money being spent by local government, would you support a return to the days in which humble Lords (like me) made sure cash was well spent?

We would not be a democracy, but we knew how to govern for the welfare of all (for the past 1,000 years). And we wouldn't charge so much council tax.

So is it your elected socialist or your Lord who has served the country for the past millenium?

Just an idea.

Vicola said...

"Fenland District Council in Cambridgeshire is investigating four allegations against John West, the Mayor of March, including that he "brandished a cigarette 30 centimetres from the face of two officers on two separate occasions".

Rather than launching a costly investigation, would it not have been cheaper for the 2 officers to either ask Mr West to move the cig or to take 3 paces backwards themselves? Or, even better, to stop fucking whining and do some bloody work?

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