Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Vote with your heart"

Aaron at Tygerland is urging to you vote for what you believe in.
You’re probably thinking that they’re all a shower, and why should you vote for any of them. I’m inclined to agree which is why I’m saying just vote with your heart. Take a single-issue – be it climate change, taxes, copyright reform or whatever – and vote for the party that best represents your views.

It’s not a wasted vote. That’s what the big parties want you to believe. If enough people vote for fringe parties, others will follow. At this rate, we’ll be stuck with Labour, Conservatives and the Lib Dems forever – locked into a future of mediocre politics, led by the likes of David Cameron: a man whose soul is barely deep enough to sustain a single goldfish.

So why not frivolously blow your vote? What, really, would be the difference between any of the three major parties? Cameron is as slippery as a sack of eels, Gordon Brown is so desperate he’d probably show you his cock if you promised to vote for him, and Nick Clegg is simply beyond pointless.

Aaron says that he is worried about "the surveillance state and corporate influence on politics" and so he will vote for the Pirate Party. That's an option although I—with my tedious belief in property rights and contract law, not to mention the fact that I actually want to see more medicinal drugs developed—cannot possibly vote for that party.

So, where I can, I shall vote for the Libertarian Party. Where I cannot, I shall probably spoil my ballot (although I am undecided as yet).


Dominic Allkins said...

Ah hahahahaha!!!!

I nearly sprayed some good Malbec over my keyboard when I read the Brown comment.

Angry Exile said...

Said much the same thing myself over the weekend. The squabbling over the centre ground has made the parties so similar it feels like voting one party with three wings. In any case elections are so rarely decided by a single vote that it's as much of a waste to give it to someone who'd going to win by 20,000 anyway as to give it to a minor party candidate who needs many times more than that. Mine's going to have an X by the LPUK candidate if there is one and abusive poetry if there isn't.

DocBud said...

Maybe someone should start an Ambivalence Party to capture all the undecided votes. Then again, maybe they shouldn't.

The Hickory Wind said...

So, where I can, I shall vote for the Libertarian Party. Where I cannot, I shall probably spoil my ballot (although I am undecided as yet).

How many votes do you get, DK?

On the whole, I like the post; and the one about the Pirate Party. They don't understand freedom, they just want things their way.

Neal Asher said...

I'm still chuckling over that bit about Gordon Brown, especially after seeing him sobbing of Morgan's shoulder about his kiddies.

Anonymous said...

I've sometimes thought DK a little on the extreme side but now I realize that when you're dealing with mp's they are so immoral that no language exists that sufficiently expresses their low life mendacious double dealing back stabbing opportunistic self serving manipulative wickedness.One that is as slippery than any eel I've ever eaten is LYNNE FEATHERSTONE.Lynseywinsey is a liar of a particularly unpleasant genus.Whatever hot on thr local agenda she starts mouthing off-last week it was the proposed closure of A and E at the Whittington.This was-Lynseywinsey hoped-her sure fire way to ensure re-election when her 2k majority is up for a squeeze in May.I put a couple of things on her blog about how Brenda Williams placards ON THE VERY SAME A AND E ISSUE were seized by 3 heavies from libdem Camden coucil(with police back-up) last Friday afternoon.Within minutes the entire blogspot was binned(like Brenda's placars)and with 2 hours HER WHOLE FUCKING WEBSITE WAS RECONFIGURED WITH THE A AND E ISSUE PUT ON SUCH A LOW BACK BURNER THAT IT TAKES TEN MINUTES TO FIND ANY MENTION OF IT AT ALL!tHIS IS A BIT OF AN OWN GOAL-I MEAN LYNSEYWINSEY IS NOT A VERY BRIGHT COOKIE WITH ALL HER POSH SOUTH HAMPSTEAD EDUCAYSHUN ALL SHE MANAGED WAS A MICKEY MOUSE DEGREE IN MEDIA FROM OXFORD POLY.Voters in north London think the libdems are agin the cuts but I'm beginning to think that they're actually backing them.Few people know this but the local hospital trust is what is called A FUSED TRUST WITH THE HOSPITAL AND THE COUNCIL RUNNING IT TOGETHER LIKE THE FRONT AND BACK END OF A PANTOMIME DONKEY!When the local rag,the Camden New Journal front paged the health cuts Camdenites thought their desperate life and death concerns were being addressed.They were not,nor will they ever be.Labour were kicked out for arrogance but the libdems should be guilottined en masse for the lying tossers they are.BARRY TEBB

Eric Blair said...

Please put a candidate up in Carlisle. He will most certainly get my vote!

Anonymous said...

Actually he's quite right. I've come to the conclusion that a vote for a party unlikely to win may be a 'wasted vote' to some extent but definitely a lesser extent than a vote for liblabcon.

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