Thursday, February 18, 2010


A number of people seem to have been punting this Power2010 idea and, since I have been asked, I urge you all to go and vote for the English votes on English laws option.

Unlocky Democracy and the Campaign for the English Regions are engaged in a campaign to relegate EVoEL out of the top five reforms, and they've suceeded by a small margin. We have three days to try and get English Votes back into the top five (it is presently only 100 votes outside the top five reforms).

And if that happens then it will form part of the Power2010 pledge, and that will mean that Power2010 will lobby every prospective MP to pledge to introduce English Votes on English Laws in the next parliament.

This will, of course, be of less-than-fuck-all use, frankly, but for one crucial deciding factor...

It will be hugely entertaining to watch the Joseph Rowntree Trust, Charter88, Helena Kennedy and the Guardian lobby every prospective candidate on this. Power2010 is essentially an evolution of Charter88 and the Power Inquiry, and their partners are the usual Guardian lobbyists for constitutional reform. Well meaning people, but people with a particular agenda. They are the people who supported balkanising England and provided the funding for the various campaigns for English regions.

So, basically, go and vote for English votes on English laws because it'll annoy the living shit out of a bunch of left-wing cunts and, since we aren't allowed to hang the bastards, this will have to do.

Oh, and there's one more reason: if anyone seriously thinks that Fixed Term Parliaments should be in the top five Parliamentary reforms (it's currently at number 5), then they are a pusillanimous fucktard with all of the imagination of a sack of cement.

And given that the right to recall the bastard MPs is more than a thousand votes below English votes on English laws, then I suggest that you go for the latter—if only to keep the deeply fucking puerile Fixed Term crap out.

I looked at Power2010 some time ago and, to be honest, I thought that almost all the proposals were so fucking piss-poor and pathetic that I simply couldn't be arsed to bestir myself. They are still all absolute fucking crap—apparently they wouldn't accept my suggestion of Hang every single cunt in the House of Commons, smother the top 1,000 civil servants and stab all Life Peers—but pissing off lefties is usually worthwhile.

Go vote. People probably died for your right to do so, or something.


caesars wife said...

Thats what troubles me so much about what has happened since Labour have come to power , the institutions which used to have meaning , have been diluted into a sort of marxist progressive concept . people have no idea what they have traded , in things like magna Charta , trial without jury , state snooping .

I can recall things being different , you had more of personal responsibilty to do the right thing , via your own conduct and life . This idea that goverment knows best and conducts your life for you , is a sort of low quality mental rot, turning out more dumbed down people.

All the equality cockwaffle just ensures your aspirations are the governments and creates individuality crimes for minor variances , whilst creating some violent underclass .

really does get me angry when I see so much that once naturally bound us together slipping off into the marxist mincing machine.

Angry Exile said...

Out of curiosity what's the problem with fixed terms? Although I can see plenty of things wrong in Westminster that they wouldn't make any difference to at all I don't have strong feelings either way, but I wouldn't object to a PM being unable to call a snap election because, say, the leader of the opposition has just been caught buggering badgers and the PM's party is currently looking very good in the polls. I do agree that it's not a top 5 things that need to be done item though.

Anonymous said...

when voting, the website, does not allow .com e mail addresses


Until the stinking totalitarian despots over the channel are sorted out,all of this is just a silly game,do any of you think that after stealing and forbidding you any right to vote on your future,that this scum are going to acceed to any of your democratic wishes unless they can twist them to thier advantage and your further detriment, gotham city?

Anonymous said...

For almost 300 years, it was standard practice for English MPs to push through Scottish-only legislation which would not affect English constituencies. The Thatcher years were infamous for the tendency of government to use English MPs to bludgeon the democratically-expressed wishes of the Scots.

During that period, none of you ever raised a complaint. If the issue was raised at all, it was met with a chorus of abuse from people very much like you. Now that the situation is reversed, it is ZOMG THIS IS INTOLERABLE!!111!! WAT AN AFFRONT TO OUR DEMOCRACY!!11! OH NOES! ENGERLAND IS UNDER THRETT BY DEM DIRTY JOCKOS1!!111!!ONEONEONEONE!!!

It's pathetic. You give yourself aneurysms over the so-called West Lothian Question while pissing all over anyone who ever pointed out the democratic deficiency in the West Sussex Question.

Ian E said...

Well done, DK, this has just got into 5th place! Screw the lefties and then hang them by their Balls!

Angry Exile said...

What are you saying, Anonymous? That it's fair because the Scots are getting their own back against people long dead? Two wrongs do may a right north of the border?

Angry Exile said...

May a right? WTF? /facepalm "Make."

James Higham said...

Albion Alliance has a post coming up on Power 2010. Interesting that the EU Referendum option never made it to the table in the first place in their call.

This does not seem a fair an open group but one [allegedly] with an agenda and that agenda is to [allegedly] keep the people thinking their voice is represented but in fact it is being [allegedly] manipulated.

If they're doing that, you should see what the Tories are [allegedly] doing. As for Labour - the less said the better.

tomsmith said...

That's exactly right. The ideas represented at Power 2010 are obviously manipulated in order to give the appearance of choice when there is none.

I emailed them and apparently the Power 2010 team "distilled" the original 4200 suggestions from the public down to just 58 which were then further savaged by a focus group in order to come up with the "top" 29 on which we are encuraged to vote.

The idea that an EU referendum is not currently one of the top 29 political ideas in the UK is farcical.

The idea of a new Bill of Rights or voting reform written and decided by those currently representing us in parliament fills me with dread.

Toque said...

If you have a complaint about the Power2010 process, then all the more reason to vote for:

English Votes on English Laws.

It's exactly what they don't want you to do.

Can you imagine Helena Kennedy popping across to Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath to ask the one-eyed trouser snake to pledge to introduce English Votes on English Laws, in effect banning him from voting on his own manifesto commitments?

Anonymous said...

Mr Kitchen, the simple solution to the mess that labour have created is to form an english parliament. Keep the London Parliament for Union matters. I would call this 'home rule all round', which was an idea from the Liberal Unionists in the 19th century.

We do not need English regions- who from Newcastle, for example, considers themselves to be 'North Easterners' ?

Anonymous said...

*** You could fight for the right to party?

Ian E said...

Now in 4th place - no 3 in sight!

DocBud said...

Anonymous @ 09:42.

Examples please and how were the "democratically-expressed wishes of the Scots" expressed?

Though to be honest I really don't give a toss, for as long as I can remember I've always been in favour of cutting the jocks and taffies loose. Hell, I'd cut the northern parasites loose as well, which doesn't sit entirely well with MrsBud and her family who hail from Yorkshire.

Anonymous said...

What a shit website. I clicked on "Vote on this" thinking it would then offer me a "For" and "Against" choice and I discovered that "vote on this " meant "vote FOR this"


Eric Blair said...

Well as Jockonese person who's not a socialist retard and lives this side of the border. I stuck one on for English votes. Only fair say I. I also stuck a cheeky one in for the 'none of the above' box on ballot papers. Why not, we only encourage them otherwise and if there's no LPUK candidate, why should I waste my hard-earned vote on a self-serving wanker?

Mr Rob said...

I see they are quite keen on a written constitution in which they tell us what our rights are.

Fuck 'em.

caesars wife said...

mmm dont know about fixed term parliaments , in theory it should work out over time , but as we have seen with labour you can rig all sorts of activity towards election day .

There are also times when you may need to keep a government in place during an emergency .

I think the key one is no PM should run the country unelected .

Toque said...

Email from the Campaign for the English Regions.

Subject: CFER-POWER 2010

To CFER Supporters and Contacts.

More than ever we need a New Politics.We have to to keep working for devolution as part of a new UK wide Constitution. Of particular concern is what is emerging and what could result from the the so called Power 2010 project. See

This is a fully funded and led Rowntree Reform Trust initiative which purports to be seeking to identify through a deliberative public consultation process what should be a top five list of measures to "Change UK Democracy.Its immediate goal is to get as many as possible of newly elected MP,s to sign up to the five measures which it intends to put on a pledge card.Also we understand Rowntree will use results to determine its priorities for future funding and constitutional reform initiatives.

CFER has a number of concerns with the process and the way it is going.A number of measures proposed by CFER officers have been included while others have been excluded from the list on which voting is taking place and it is possible voting is being highly influenced by anti devolution interests.

We are however very concerned that there is a real possibility English Votes for English Laws will get into the top five which we believe would further undermine any new initiative to devolve power to the English Regions and the very Local.This needs to be headed off.

Please not to vote for this.We need you to back the call for a new written Constitution, proportional voting and an all elected Regionally based second Chamber.A written constitution would give us the opportunity to establish what are the functions and make up of Westminster, Regional and Local Government and give the English Regions and local communities a fairer deal.

We need to vote in a way that is pro devolution and knock the English Votes on English Laws out of the top five.Please therefore vote for "A fully elected second Chamber" which is not currently in the top five,but would require some electoral system which treats the English Regions on an equal basis to Scotland , Wales and N.Ireland.

Please encourage others to do likewise.

Shug Niggurath said...

As soon as the Scottish and Welsh assemblies (the Scottish one is only a parliament because of the SNP having a bit more clout) came into being, it was perfectly logical that the West Lothian question became important.

That nonsense above about the Scots having English MP's forcing through policy in the face of the democratic wishes of the Scots forgets that, at that time, it was the UK Parliament that made the law.

LPUK needs a firm policy here, as a Scot, living in Scotland I think that policy should be either England goes it alone and the UK breaks up or the Scottish assembly is dissolved permanently.

Since DK has life experience of Scotland, I'd like an answer to this comment... do you think that the fundamental problem Scots have with England lies in the perceived arrogance of the English - specifically in the bizarre context of football?

I honestly think that if that was removed there would be a lot less animosity from north of the border.

Anonymous said...

You guys really are a bunch of fucking conspiracy theorists. Yes clearly there is a vast Liberal conspiracy are secretly campaigning together to keep Evol out of the top 5.

Get a grip... and while your at it remove that tin foil from your bedroom walls...

Ian E said...

'Yes clearly there is a VAST (sic!) Liberal conspiracy'

Hardly vast - if it were that, it would have no difficulty getting enough votes! No just a typical, piddling, ineffective, Leftie cock-up.

Kevin said...

Richard Bartholomew did the take on the christian party and the alliance for democracy.

here are a lot more loser on the way now from the ass hole on the right.

so how long that the far right and the far left can take with it.

well said DK

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