Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Polly Toynbee: contrarian harridan

Your humble Devil has not turned his baleful eye towards Polly Toynbee for some time, partly because he has not had the time to engage in a thorough fisking of the evil old bag.

Unfortunately, such timing issues still persist but, nevertheless, it is always worth sending a few shots across her bows—if only to keep dear Pollyanna on her toes.

And in a neat example of such time-limited but timely reminders, this post will emphasise one of those little tics which—whilst not being exclusive to Polly—does illustrate just why she is one of the most abysmal writers in the MSM (as previously chronicled, at length, here at The Kitchen).

Yes, it's Polly's quite brilliant ability to contradict herself within the very same article that we are going to highlight today.

So, in today's worthless piece of crap, darling Polly is talking about a National Care Service—which sounds like it will be a fucking disaster—and the contradiction lies in Polly's justification for another massive fucking nationwide government-driven QUANGO. So, we have this...
One benefit of devolution is the real-life social experiments it offers as each nation adopts different social ­policies. But the chance to learn from one another is often ignored at Westminster.

Wow! Polly thinks that we should experiment on people—just like little lab rats. But then this hardly comes as a surprise—she is a socialist, after all, and believes that she is superior to the plebs who exist only to serve her need for social expiation.

But that is incidental—note, please, that she has said that experimentation between regions is a good thing because other regions can learn from one another—although, presumably, she would not think that any verdict should be passed on Saint Obama's health bill as a result of the recent electoral upset in Massachusetts.

Regardless, this idiotic nitwit now weighs in with a fantastically contradictory statement.
Nothing about social care is simple – not least because each local authority offers different levels of care at different rates and interprets the official criteria arbitrarily: that's why we need a National Care Service.

Erm... Right, so experimentation between devolved regions is a good thing because we can learn valuable lessons...

... but we need a National Care Service to ensure that regions cannot, in fact, experiment.

Well done, Polly, you fucking muppet.

UPDATE: it seems that Timmy has made the same point, albeit somewhat more succinctly.

UPDATE 2: the wife, by the way, maintains that Polly cannot be serious and that her columns are, in fact, a colossal practical joke—each one a more elaborate spoof than the next. Sometimes, I wonder if she might be right...


neil craig said...

Not so much experimenting on people as recording the variations they practice on themselves. Like recording the correlation between smoking & illness. not recording the correlationn between radon in homes & wellness (we don't because it disproves the official line that low level radiation is dangerous), or indeed that the price system does automatically between profitable & unprofitable businesses.

Polly has spotted that the correlation between England's NHS, where there has been some reform & Scotland's where there hasn't will support reform - that is why she is muddying the waters.

View from the Solent said...

I concur with your Mrs. Remember Peter Simple from years ago in the Bellylaugh - Bonnington-Jagworth, Dr Heinz Kiosk, et al? I have long regarded Pollyana's columns as the Grauniad's version, similar but much more subtle.

Kevyn Bodman said...

It is because of Polly that I discovered blogs like yours,and from there to others like Leg Iron and Fausty and others who now inform me of the lunacies,and evil, of the state there.
A few years ago I read an article of hers that was so irrational and so barely coherent that,after quelling my anger and mirth,I set about looking for sane alternatives.
So, thank you Polly.

But she is still as wrong-headed as ever.

Peter Spence said...

Kevyn, you and I discovered blogs in the same way then. In my case leading me from Tim Worstall to DK, Leg Iron and others, so I suppose the hypocritical old tart has had one beneficial effect.

Anonymous said...

Poll, 18th November 2009 - in "A Queen's speech to paint Labour's thick, red line"

"Westminster may be over-hasty in dismissing the speech as a packet of fag-end gestures, given the pleased press releases from relevant groups. "Delighted" and "welcomed" came from groups glad of the sizeable £650m for free home care for the 400,000 frailest old people. Is it a gimmick? Pooling NHS and local council budgets to help people out of blocked hospital beds and back home with intensive "re-enablement" care makes financial as well as social sense.

It's not a gimmick to stop convalescents being bundled into expensive nursing homes where they stay for ever if intensive care at home can get them back on their feet. Cameron's claim that the money comes from cutting other disability benefits is just plain not true".

Poll, 29th September 2009 commenting on the Great Gordo's address to the Labour Conference :-

"Best plan was a National Care Service, free homecare for the elderly with no more means testing, paid for by cutting NHS research and marketing. It's a good challenge for the Conservatives to match".

Poll, today, pointing out how wrong the idea was from the start

Sure enough, it was too good to be true. Gordon Brown, eager for an eye-catcher for his party conference speech, made an extravagant promise of free personal care at home for all those with "critical" needs..... offering what ......most experts agreed was impossible ...but Brown wanted a "free care" headline – though it is doubtful that a £670m free gift to voters in the middle of a great recession is a convincing way to buy support. Not even the charities for the aged whooped with glee at this one.

She really is "something" is Poll ..

Lola said...

Some people just need regular spanking. Nothing else to be done.

neil craig said...

No doubt do her good but I can't say it appeals.

Anonymous said...

wrt Update 2: You should always take your wife's word - after all, she had the infinite wisdom and taste to pick you, whereas you only...

Anonymous said...

Are regions the same as nations now?

Dr Evil said...

Well, we have a NATIONAL Health Service, or rather we did. It is split into 4 now, with Scotland allowing many drugs that NICE has said will not be prescribed in England and Wales. If you have cancer, move to Scotland PDQ.

The prescription forms are still the same though.

Mind how you go.

Katabasis said...

Another friend of ours, Sunny Hundal, could really do with a thorough Devil's fisking of his latest unintentional comedy. He's really pushed the boat out this time.

T. P. Fuller said...

FFS, her job is to drive web traffic to the Guardian's loss-making site. Each article is an Aunt Sally which people make the mistake of (a) reading and, often, (b) bothering to respond to.

At least, that's what I fervently hope, for her sake, otherwise the first candidate for the National Care Service (Psychiatric Division) should be none other than Toynbee, P.

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