Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oh, do just fuck off

I like Iain Dale.

There, I've admitted it.

But I know that the man fought for me when he was at 18DoughtyStreet, and I know that he is, generally, a decent type. However, I also know that he can be, incredibly, remarkably ignorant about the facts of politics and, as such, lacks a remarkable amount of the politician's native cunning.

I believe that it is this, rather than anything else, that keeps him from a nice, safe Tory seat. Oh, and the blogging.

But I still find it extraordinary when he reports approvingly a speech from William Hague—a man who should know better—that says absolutely fuck all about anything.

Iain says that this Hague speech is "taking the fight to Labour". Fuck taking the fight to Labour—Labour has bankrupted the country, screwed civil liberties, buggered the law-abiding and fucked the ordinary man. But the Tories show no signs of doing anything different—and this speech of Hague's says nothing new.

Why the fuck haven't the Tories—and Hague in particular—realised that just slagging off Labour isn't fucking working? Why the living crap is an intelligent man like Iain Dale reporting this rubbish as though it weren't the most lame speech ever?

Yes, Billy-boy, we know Labour are crap. But what are you going to do different?

From the weak vacillating speeches delivered by your so-called leader, we can only conclude that what you are going to do is...

... precisely the same as Labour have done. And we should vote for you... why?


Michele said...

"remarkably ignorant about the facts of politics and, as such, lacks a remarkable amount of the politician's native cunning."

or to put it another way - I totally disagree with everything he stands for - which apparantly makes him 'remarkably ignorant'

Glad I got that sorted then - and what a relief not to have some one resort to a stream of invective when they have a disagreement ...

JuliaM said...

"Why the fuck haven't the Tories—and Hague in particular—realised that just slagging off Labour isn't fucking working? "

Because if they reveal their policies, people will realise that they are just the same as Labour at heart, and wonder why they should bother to vote at all?

Ian E said...

3 policies Messrs Cameron/Hague:

EU in/out referendum.

A proper wide-ranging review of the climate change scam with its vast associated direct and indirect costs for the voter/taxpayer/breather.

Swingeing Public Sector cuts.

Mick Turatian said...

William Hague is a witty and able orator which is are qualities to bring joy to Conservative activists and supporters.

Iain Dale is quite naturally parti pris and consequently very taken with the presentation and forgiving when it comes to the lack of positive content,

Hardly surprising, therefore.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that idiot Cameron was so stupid as to steal the "change" mantra from Obama for this weeks relaunch. Hasn't he noticed that the Obama show has collapsed in the US.

Perhaps, not surprisingly, the Tory lead is now down to a two percent lead in a poll today. I think it might be time to finally give up on Cameron, and hunker down for another four or five years of Brown.

Sackerson said...

I think you're right, DK. What do we have in the Press at the moment? Ad hominem against Brown, and laughable rubbish about bringing in the Army to get some discipline into schoolchildren (whic, worryingly, shows as much ignorance about leadership in the Army as about behaviour management in schools - it's one step off the Blair creature's guff about marching yobs to the cashpoint). So, no policies, then. The ad hominem may backfire, too - we're overdue some stuff about "white nostrils" Cameron.

Anonymous said...


Kay Burley's brain said...

I think Michelle is correct. The problem is that you disagree with Iain about what's important in politics.

You think policies and actually doing something to sort out the mess are important, whereas Iain Dale sees only power as important. What you do with it is neither here nor there for the likes of Iain.

Iain would be content to swan around TV studios smiling sweetly at air-headed females of his acquaintance until the end of time, and they'd be happy with that too.

The difference, as in many things today, is between the superficialists who've been thrown up by contemporary media and those who live in the real world.

Anonymous said...

In some ways it might be better if >shudder< Labour wins the election. The Tories would quickly lose Cameron (he's running against around 80% of party opinion and they're only sticking with him because they hope he can squeeze the election) and Labour would be out before the end of the next term regardless of what the dozy electorate want - when the economy collapses and the IMF bail us out there will be little choice.

Admittedly whoever takes over would be taking over a cinder, but at least we may get someone who will do something. And by something I mean:

1) Abolish all quangos and fake charities;
2) Repeal 90%+ of the anti civil liberties legislation Labour have bought in (including the smoking ban);
3) Offer an in/out referendum on the EU;
4) Expose the Climate Change bollocks for the sham it is;
5) Hack apart the BBC so it focuuses on making quality programming (like the US' HBO) rather than pumping out Marxist propaganda.

None of this is forthcoming if Cameron wins. But the country simply can't take another 5 years of Labour. SOMETHING has to give....

Anonymous said...

You're right DK. I saw on the News yesterday some stuff about the Tories' new policy pledges. "Great!" I thought. "Is this where we see a committment to a Freedom Charter or a referendum on the EU?" Er, nope. A Committment to increase funding to the bloated NHS monolith. More money for kids and "working families." More New Labour bollocks. Looking at the people around me, I've never seen so many hopeless, desperate, angry people in my life. Even people who usually care nothing about politics want to change things.... desperately. And what do we have? Cameron. Jesus wept.

gordon-bennett said...

Here's the (obvious) dilemma for the Conservatives.

Any policy they announce will be:

1. massively rubbished by the beeb;

2. stolen by nuchav.

EG: Inheritance Tax.

Anonymous said...

saw george osborne being interviewed on the Andrew Marr show this morning.

The entire line of questioning was from the Left - what are you going to "cut"? ergo - less public spending is bad.

nothing about freedom. nothing about the free market. nothing about cutting taxes. nothing about the basic tenets of what it means to be "conservative"

osborne merely came across as a kind of more responsible version of socialism.

no wonder they are tanking in the polls. whats the point in voting Tory if all they are offering is a "nicer" version of the Labour party.

Here's a suggestion for the conservatives - have a listen to the Mark Levin show. it's free to download.

and secondly, grow a fucking spine.

Jiks said...

If labour get in again the last fragments our economy and freedoms will be destroyed. I doubt the country will even exist as a united independant, democratic entity after another Labour term.

If the Tories win and try to sort things out they will be punished by the electorate and crushed in the following election. Given it seems they are far more interested in being in power than actually doing anything useful with it that doesn't now seem overly likely.

So it does seem the "best" realistic result we can hope for is the Tories winning and playing New Labour vs Brown's Mad Labour.

In other words we are completely fucked.

Anonymous said...

Dale is a celebrity, a brittle thin-skinned celebrity who sees politics as a route to personal advancement. He knows nothing about the theory of politics and still less about the practicalities.

Dale may be a perfectly nice guy. I've personally seen too much censorship of opposing viewpoints, too many Elton John-style tantrums on his blog, too many articulations of his own entitlement and too many defences of his indefensible friends in parliament to believe that he actually is a worthwhile human being but, still, I'll allow that I'm only seeing one part of him and that he may be a genuinely nice bloke under it all. But, nice bloke or not, his whole ethos is "Vote Conservative no matter what we say or do and, while you're at it, give me a safe seat and a ride on the Westminster gravy train".


If the tories were genuine they would acceed to the wishes of the overwhelming majority,by telling our "government" in berlin to go fuck itself and its fourth reich,and behave like the peoples executive,which is what we pay them for.We hear the same old bollocks every five years,so instead of telling us what wonders they will perform for us,i propose that they shut up and we will tell them what we want,since they are our servants.Does any-one believe that this country would be in the mess that it is in ,if the politicians did not want it that way?

ThousandsOfMilesAway said...

Yeeeeeeeeees. Agree with basically everything being said here.

I think that the main problem is that what people probably actually would want these days - more localism, accountability, direct democracy - are not going to happen easily as our political turkey class are not going to vote for their own Christmas.

In fact, the whole flow of changes to the power structure in this country and the wider world is in completely the opposite direction - towards more centralised, monolithic, supranational control by an ever diminishing band of overlords.

So - what to do, what to do?

Wat Dabney said...

Surely the main objection to Iain Dale must be his uncanny resemblence to Christopher Biggins.

Jackart said...

The problem is, DK that you resolutely ignore any policy that doesn't fit your "Tories are useless blue labour" meme. Some, like the education vouchers are rejected because there is no profit motive, and therefore the whole policy is rejected.

Then, the local police chiefs the rhetoric about localism, the end to the bully state because there are not specific detatiled pre-written green papers you persist in this fantasy that the TOries are the same as Labour.

They aren't libertarian, nor are they perfect, but on announced policies, objectives and aspirations, they are a LOT better than Labour.

The Tories are different, have different policies, and you saying they don't is doing wrecker Brown's work.

Devil's Kitchen said...


That simply isn't true. I keep on saying that the education policy is going in the right direction (and, indeed, if they manage to sort education, it will all have been worth it): what concerns me is that the Tories don't seem to understand why they should be implementing this policy...

... which means that they will bollocks it up and that's the concept of Free Schools fucked for another generation.

On the announced policies, the Tories are not much better than Labour—they are a bit better.

To be honest, another Labour government would have to pick up the pieces of their fuck-ups, and there is no way that such a government would last another five years.

It might be better to let Brown win, better to let him deal with the consequences and better to get the Tories in when the country is really feeling the pain.


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