Sunday, February 07, 2010

Libertarian Roundup #3

Biased BBC has found out why the BBC is so keen to promote the idea of man-made global warming: it helps their pension!

The UK Libertarian says the blind squirrel has found a nut.

The Appalling Strangeness wonders why we have politicians at all.

Leg-Iron has seen the future and he's not all that keen on it. And he's miffed about the denormalisation of smokers.

Iain Martin (along with many other people) wonders what the hell the Tories are actually saying. Salted Slug has something in a similar vein.

Steve Shark has discovered that Sion Simon wants to downsize.

Boatang & Demetriou has a useful summary of thieving cunts.

Douglas Carswell points out another regulatory failure. Mark Wadsworth concurs. And Timmy asks: "what's the next one beyond facepalm?"

Tomrat says councils can't have it both ways.

Rantin' Rab is unhappy with the fishing situation.

On a lighter note: people seem to feel like money's not worth much nowadays...

That's all for this week—thanks for those who sent submissions.


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