Thursday, February 18, 2010

Green propaganda on the taxpayer

NB I am not the Devil.

We all know that the Government spends a huge amount of taxpayers' money on propaganda - they are, after all, the biggest advertiser in the British economy nowadays.

But the latest detail to come out about their green propaganda really takes the biscuit. The projects featured in the above video are just a few of the absurd ways in which our masters in DEFRA and DECC squandered £8.6m through the "Climate Challenge Fund" between 2006 and 2008.

Some of my particular favourites include:

  • £16,245 to the University of East Anglia to publicise and promote the research and findings of the Climatic Research Unit. (As it turned out, it would fall to others such as DK to actually publicise what the CRU was up to...)
  • £77,698 to a company called Forkbeard Fantasy to produce a video describing humans as "carbon weevils", whose only purpose it reproduce and pollute.
  • £295,000 for an online game called LogiCity, which is a kind of Sim City in which your task is to tackle climate change.
  • £396,026 for an "experiential climate dome" from Carbon Neutral North East which looks remarkably like the world's most expensive tent.
  • £39,810 for a supposedly educational video called Rite2No, in which a group of Mancunian school children are transported to 2020. There they find a nightmare future where thanks to climate change everyone is forced to take swimming lessons to survive rising sea levels, swarms of insects invade British classrooms and - best of all - everyone needs to wear sun glasses. Yes, you read that right - climate change will make...erm...the sun brighter.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, the Fund was deemed a failure by the Government's own evaluation report - which we can publish today for the first time. Amongst other failings they identified, the schemes preached to the converted, were quite often inaccurate and were exploited by some organisations as a way to get the taxpayer to subsidise their other work.

If you'd like to see the full list of projects that the taxpayer funded, the full report is here. Also, please circulate the above TPA video via your own blogs, by email, twitter and any other way you can imagine.


Joe Shmo said...

Do people up north really think sunglasses are only for the rich and famous?

microdave said...

"a supposedly educational video called Rite2No" - How about an education for the twats who thought it would be clever to use "Text Speak". Is it any wonder we have a nation of illiterates??

Anonymous said...

Read the pdf.
I loved the bit about when they were attacked by insects.
That will no doubt be the insects that have come from the maggot infested wheelie bins that are only emptied every two weeks in the summer then.
Twats !
No not twats ,crooks.

Neal Asher said...

If they actually gave a shit about this climate change bollocks they'd give us the money back to spend on solar panels and insulation. They're really only interested in political change.

Anonymous said...

My god.

And £295K for that 'game'. They did not even hire professional voice actors.

Just a load of patronising shite - you even have to enter your opinions on climate change before you can play.

I wonder what the cost per-player is. I guess about £1000.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
2/18/2010 05:09:00 PM
£1000 per play !
Who would be stupid and thick enough to do that ?

Someone who would just put it on (our), their expenses I would have thought.
The people who govern us are so fucking stupid it is laughable !
They would not last 5 minutes in a real job.
They would be fucking sacked.

James Higham said...

Yep, wouldn't be so bad if they kept it to themselves and it didn't cost us.

Rob said...

This was an investment on their part - whip up public hysteria, then "respond to public demand to do something about it" by raising taxes.

Hysteria said...

Pitchforks, flaming torches. AK-47s

I really think it might come to that -

Anonymous said...

Hysteria ..
Like the comment and totally agree.
Unfortunately not .
There will be no revolution.
George Bernard Shaw said once ,
The end of civilisation is only three meals away.
Only starving people revolt.
Er .unless your Iranian.
Or Ukranian.
Hmm ,Interesting ?

Anonymous said...

"£77,698 to a company called Forkbeard Fantasy to produce a video describing humans as "carbon weevils", whose only purpose it reproduce and pollute."

Bit of a snag... the video mentioned was part of Forkbeard Fantasy's multimedia stageshow and exhibition, Invisible Bonfires. The £77,698 mentioned funded the entire thing, so it's rather misleading to say it was just for this animation - neither would it be fair to say that it was representative of the production's message.

Rather ironically, what's being overlooked currently is that one of the things that Invisible Bonfires was arguing is that there's an awful lot of rubbish being said about Global Warming on both sides of the argument (e.g. some will cynical manipulate fears into a cash making opportunity) so don't believe all you hear and F.F. took pains to avoid merely serving up Green propaganda (and those expecting it were clearly shocked/saddened).

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