Friday, February 05, 2010


It seems that charges of theft have been brought against three Labour MPs and one Tory Lord.
Former minister Elliot Morley, MP for Scunthorpe, will face two charges in relation to a total of £30,000 of mortgage interest claims on a property in Winterton, Lincolnshire between 2004 and 2007.

The charges allege he made claims "in excess of that to which he was entitled" and - for part of the period when "there was no longer a mortgage on that property".

David Chaytor, MP for Bury North, is accused of "dishonestly claiming" £1,950 for IT services and further sums of £12, 925 and £5,425 relating to rent claims on properties which he and his mother allegedly owned.

Livingston MP Jim Devine is accused of "dishonestly claiming" money for cleaning services and for stationery using false invoices.

Essex County Council leader Paul White - the Conservative peer Lord Hanningfield - is accused of "dishonestly" submitting claims "for expenses to which he knew he was not entitled" - including overnight stays in London.

So, four thieving, troughing little piggies have been charged—and one case is still under consideration. I think that I feel much the same as The Nameless Libertarian...
The time for rage and ranting is over – at least for me. My anger on this issue is spent. I’ve moved towards acceptance: acceptance that we have been rinsed by a bunch of troughing fucks who…

Wait, hold up, I’m drifting back to anger. Enough.

But this scandal shouldn’t end with the repayments and the charges. We have an election this year, and we should remember the frauds committed by our elected representatives when we go to the ballot box. A fundamental question that needs to be applied to each candidate is whether we feel they will act as a public servant, rather than just serving themselves from the public purse. As the actions of many of those in this parliament have shown, that is almost as important as agreeing with their ideologies.

I think that we should all bear in mind that these four men were not the only ones who stole our money—MPs have been ordered to repay £1.1 million more. It is simply the case that the Fraudulent Four happen to have been selected, and sufficient evidence collated, to be charged.

This does not alter the fact that we know that almost every other cunt in Parliament is a thieving shitbag with the morals of an alleycat.

So, it's a victory—but we have only won the battle, not the war.


Uncle Marvo said...
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A passing alleycat said...

"This does not alter the fact that we know that almost every other cunt in Parliament is a thieving shitbag with the morals of an alleycat."

I take issue with this.

Anonymous said...

My anger will not go away until Baroness Uddin is charged, convicted, imprisonned, and deported.

I expect to be angry for an indefinite period.

Anonymous said...

I dont take issue with it at all.
So much lies spin and moral dishonesty,
Smoking bans ,climate change,surveilence,errosion of liberties ,the stinking evil EU etc,yada yada yada .
All based on dubious motives or blind party politics favouring powerfull lobbyists not the bloody electorate.
I take issue with them.
Greedy bastards and control freaks.
They should all be inside.

Anonymous said...

I think they should all go to "the block".
As Udin is female she has the right to choose the sword instead of the axe though.

Anonymous said...

Whats all this nonsense about "punish them with your vote".

They where all at it, so who are we voting for to punish them?

Anonymous said...

The moster raving looney party take your pick ?

Epictetus said...

Another "victory" for the libertarians then.
Shame about the war.
Did NO ONE see, hear or read what the EU did to us yesterday?
Now that's what I call a Victory.

Adrian Peirson said...

The MP's are mostly innocent, this is a smokescreen, they are sacrificial lambs.
They were ENCOURAGED to do this, someone signed off those expense claims.
Look I don't like half these MP's anymore than most others but the REAL CRIME is the £1 Trillion that has been stolen that we and our children must repay in TAXES.
This expenses scandal is a deliberately engineered smokescreen.


Where should our priority be.

You are all behaving like the mob they know and want you to be.

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opsimath said...

This does not alter the fact that we know that almost every other cunt in Parliament is a thieving shitbag with the morals of an alleycat.


Gareth said...

Adrian Peirson said...

The MP's are mostly innocent, this is a smokescreen, they are sacrificial lambs.
They were ENCOURAGED to do this, someone signed off those expense claims.

What they would like us to believe is that those who were responsible (MPs) thought someone else was (The Fees Office) because some shifty middlemen (Whips) said so. I sincerely doubt so many of them can be that thick. The rules were simple enough. The responsibility for their own expense claims never left their own piggy hands but they knew the chances of being stopped was all but a none starter because the expenses system *was designed to supplement their income*. That was until The Freedom of Information Act. A dogged pursuit of the information has shown many of them up to be cockroaches.

They knew FOIA was coming. They stalled for a lot of time after FOIA came to pass. There was a gaping window of opportunity for them to fix the expenses system in our favour rather than theirs and they chose not to. It's not just the pocketing of expenses that bugs me but their sheer contempt for the public as well. At every turn. Under that shit of a Squeaker, Martin.

Anonymous said...

My anger will not be assuaged until I see the severed heads of these troughers on the railings outside the Tower of London, along with those of Mandelson, Campbell, Jo Moore (she of the 9/11 being "a good day to bury bad news" e-mail), Andrew Marr, Jim Naughtie, and the rest of NeuArbeit's camp followers.

5 More years of socialism said...

Devil's kitchen calls MP's "thieving bastards", however, he does not say that these are the representatives of the people. The people have put those MP's there. There are the people's MPs and they should be free to take whatever they can get, they are above the law. And the devil should note, there is always contempt of parliament, to keep you in your place.....

Anonymous said...

Mr Kitchen, Sir, I am surprised that only 4 Parliamentarians have been charged....

Also I would suggest that we need to think about how we can reform Parliament so that this does not occur again and how best to restore Parliament to be the body, which holds the government, to account.

A few ideas:

1. Separate the government from Parliament.
2.Restore the hereditary Peers to the house of lords; cap the amount of new lords that can be created. And allow no new life Peers to be created.
3. Elect the house of commons every 2 years.
4. Allow the monarchy to appoint the Prime Minister on the advise of an electoral college, every 4 years.
5.Any statutory instrument or enabling act should be brought to both houses and not be enacted unless agreed by a majority vote. And enabling acts should lapse if not brought for a new vote after a new parliament is assembled.
6. Restore the equality between the Lords and the Commons- thus both chambers have to pass legislation before it can be sent for royal assent. In the Lords make sure that matters can only be bought to a vote if 60% of the whole membership agrees to do so.
7. Allow the government to veto legislation, on behalf of the Crown, but which can be overruled by a large majority of each chamber.
8. Allow Parliament to interview QUANGO members
9. Fix MP's salary at £65,000 and expenses to be based upon the same standard as that of a business.
10.Withdraw from Europe.

Thus as our Parliament will again be responsible to legislating and holding the government to account for its actions; as it will be that national forum for decisions, they MPs will be too busy to steal from the British public...

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