Saturday, January 02, 2010

Tell us another, Tom!

The hilarious comment of the day comes from Tom Harris MP.
Even in its darkest days, Labour was never short of leadership material at the top of the party.

Your humble Devil had to rise to the bait, and duly left a comment over there (currently awaiting moderation).
Aaaaaahahahahaha! Tell us another!

One might as well say that throughout the 80s, the best person to lead the Labour Party was, apparently, Neil "Welsh windbag" Kinnock! And the man who took over from him—John Smith—was the idiot who basically lost Kinnock the 1992 election by insisting on publishing his good old, 1970s Labour, tax 'n' spend policies.

Cameron may be a slippery and massively-foreheaded nincompoop with al of the principles of a particularly unprincipled cad, but at least the idea of him representing Britain abroad is not actually laughable. The idea of the godawful, corrupt coward Kinnock representing British interests abroad was quite simply ludicrous.

So, we packed him off to a job that didn't matter—on the EU Commission—where the Welsh git immediately distinguished himself by being one of the most talentless and corrupt people in a distinguished group of talentless and corrupt people.

Or were you thinking of some other "darkest days" for Labour?


Actually, of course, I took that line out of context—because the next line is possibly funnier...
Even in its darkest days, Labour was never short of leadership material at the top of the party. The same is still true.

Yes, Tom Harris is saying that there are just hundreds of great potential leaders in the Labour Party right now! Aaaaahahahahahaha!

I mean, we could look at the calibre of the fucknuts and arseholes in the Labour Party just now—the brothers Miliband, Harriet "jailbird" Harman, Ed Balls, etc.—and have a good laugh, but I think that there is a better comment on this.

Via Iain Dale, I found this blog post by Greg Pope (Labour MP). [Emphasis mine.]
... then [the "cabal surrounding Gordon Brown"] ensured that Gordon was crowned leader rather than elected (along with others I spent some time in early 2007 seeing if we could get enough Labour MPs to nominate any serious contender to take on Gordon. We got just about the requisite number of names but we couldn't find a member of the cabinet who dared take on Gordon's people for fear of what they would do...

Yes, that is the quality of leadership in the Labour Party at present, Tom: a bunch of people who were so principled—whose sheets were so unsoiled—that they dared not take on a malevolent, one-eyed cunt whom at least one senior Labour minister thought would be "a fucking disaster as Prime Minister".

And you think that the Tories are badly off, Tom? Well, they are—Cameron is a fucking muppet—but to say that the Labour Party has never been in a situation so bad is, quite simply, ludicrous—and self-delusional.


Mitch said...

have a read of this if true we are boned.

Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed the
Welcome to Greece.
Riot anyone ?

Demetrius said...

George Brown, Richard Crosland? Tony Benn? Ray Gunter? Sorry, only joking.

microdave said...

"(currently awaiting moderation)"

Where, I suspect, it will stay....

James Higham said...

Cameron may be a slippery and massively-foreheaded nincompoop with al of the principles of a particularly unprincipled cad, but at least the idea of him representing Britain abroad is not actually laughable.

No, not laughable but standing around fiddling while Rome burns - the EU completing its grip by 2012 and Dave presiding over the Assembly for London, the other regions now under the federal control of Brussels.

Cameron had the chance to do something and he chose to close ranks around him in the interests of power but all it will buy him is a hung parliament and an increasingly irrelevant one at that.

TheBoilingFrog said...

(currently awaiting moderation).

I'm guessing as the comment hasn't appeared yet nearly 24 hours later, that it's been rejected.

Calling Kinnock corrupt (although true) was probably the clincher.

canon alberic said...

Hes very sensitive is labours top blogger. If you really want to piss him off try suggesting that the bbcs hysterical socially engineered dr who isnt the greatest work since Hamlet and he'll be denouncing you from his pulpit for racism and not knowing enough homosexuals.

On the substantive issue: they are doomed. Having seen the Prime Minister (I know I cant believe it any more than he can) frightening performance on Marr (especially the last 5 seconds) a cross between Lavrentia Beria and Father Jack, I doubt that even the tranxene milkshakes will keep him stable throughout the whole election.

Then it will be a Balls-mediated lurch to the new student hereditary left of Will Straw and his ilk; one of the many consolations of which will be the repeated humiliation of that vile cowardly little shit Milliband.

Happy New Year indeed!

Anonymous said...

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Alan Douglas said...

Harris is right, they have loads of leadership talent in the PLP : Napolean, Stalin, Hitler, Jesus Christ, Ghengiz Khan, Pol Pot, Chairman Mao, and any other deluded soul who thinks taxpayers were invented to trough from. What is the betting Harris thinks he is really William Wallace ? Or Keir Hardy ?

Alan Douglas

Rob said...

Look at the "Have Your Say" page on the BBC. Someone's had a bit of fun at the BBC's expense. They saw a post sympathetic to Islamic terrorists and couldn't help themselves promoting it as the lead quote:

"It is not wise to think the only response is to kill the enemy. Perhaps the militants might have social grievances that need to be redressed?"

Justice Cocklecarrot, Auchtermuchty, UK

Lord Justice Cocklecarrot is the spoof judge in Private Eye.

Even worse, their 'counter' quote isn't exactly of the "Get Tough" variety:

"There isn't anything we can do. And we should not be invading or reacting to this incident at all - terrorism only works if you react to it"

The BBC - two views of the same side.

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