Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Sun won't rise again

Daring Fireball notes the demise of Sun Microsystems, which has been bought by Oracle and thus no longer lists in its own right.

Sun was already pretty much irrelevant by the time that I got into computing—which was, admittedly, quite late. In the last couple of decades, the company had mainly been associated with a number of Open Source projects—which, it seems, weren't making any money.

So, Sun is dead and nothing much will change. Your humble Devil will just have to review the Apple iPad instead...


Anonymous said...

In fact, Sun have been profoundly important in the Enterprise space, and this Oracle takeover is a big deal for us.

We still have lots of very big companies running an awful lot of Sun back ends.

JohnRS said...

Sun came out of nowhere and became the world's major workstation player in its early days. Then it became the major server vendor as well by successfully riding the Unix wave. It took on and defeated all the incumbents in both markets as it grew - then it lost the plot as WinTel servers gained ground and the religous war between Sun and Microsoft seemed to cloud Sun's judgement.

But as Scott McN discovered, you can't buck the market, so for the last several years it's been a relatively minor player and it was inevitable that it would be subsumed into one of the few large survivors at some point. I'm a little surprised it's taken this long as McN has been hawking it around the markets for the last couple of years.

Another one bites the dust.

Shug Niggurath said...

I just have a mental image of the R&D guys at Apple, under pressure to come up with yet another groundbreaking product to deliver deciding to send the board a big iPod Touch.

And it's worth pointing out the word 'pad', at least in the UK immediately conjures up a mental image of a feminine hygiene product.

JohnRS said...


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