Sunday, January 24, 2010

Incestuous post

Whilst the wife has pointed out—at length and in learned detail—just why Evan Harris MP's totally fucking useless, piece-of-shit, idiotic, wank-arse attempt to change the way in which royal succession works is a pointless, useless, piece-of-shit, idiotic, wank-arse waste of time and taxpayers' money, my brother-in-law has made a point that is even more pertinent to the whole argument...
However, I feel I should point out that there is no better use of the MP’s time. If he weren’t dicking around with the royal family, he’d be free to fuck up something that actually matters. Count your blessings.

Quite. I think that the only real conclusion is that Evan Harris and the rest of those lazy, stupid, ignorant and downright illiberal cunts in the Commons are, in fact, a total waste of time and money and that the only output from their deliberations is pure evil and oppression.

Which is why your humble Devil supports a Parliament that is so utterly powerless that it matters not one jot which corrupt, disgusting bunch of gangland thugs are in office: so unpleasant are their aims and so unscrupulous their means that they should have the power to change absolutely fuck all.

For any person to claim power over another person because of the actions of others is wrong. And that is what democracy is—because 9 million people voted for Labour, that supposedly gives this government the right to oppress the other 52 million.

Fuck that. Fuck democracy. And, if you disagree, fuck you.


Anonymous said...

Fuck me are you getting back into form (again, at last, thank Christ).

Keep up the good work. You rarely fail to brighten my day.

P.S.By the way your missus is not "the wife" she is "my wife". Well not my wife obviously she is your wife but Oh balls. You know what I mean.

Martin Meenagh said...

Maybe we could try the ancient Greek approach; anyone proposing a new law should do so with a noose around their neck. If it was rejected, the rope was pulled....

Then again they'd all probably just back each others bills. Still, I think that the state that practised it only ever had 200 laws, ever.

If two thirds of elected officials disappeared tomorrow, how much would we save and, apart from the money, who would notice?

Oh, and as a Catholic, I would just like to take this opportunity to thanks Evan Harris for allowing me the chance to be Queen, should one of their royal highnesses choose to marry me. At least it stops him proposing new ways and reasons to kill people.

John Demetriou said...

You're just sore because 9 million is better than 9. The latter being about all you can ever manage.

If the illiberal cunts (and they are) in the commons are to be defeated and if we are to get decent people in who run on a libertarian ticket, you need to concetrate on winning hearts and minds.

It's no good throwing the toys out the pram, baby out with the bath water [add cliche here]. Democracy isn't the problem, is it?

What would you rather do, then? Impose blind, unwavering, unchallengeable ideology?

There has to be a democratic process that is respected and the best way forward is to try and win at it fairly and squarely.

This does not mean I agree with our parliamentary 'representative' system of democracy. But the people have to choose one way or another.

This is lazy thinking from you, DK. Your position on democracy is ill-thought out and poorly espoused.

You are good at swearing and belittling your opponents. Try and use some of that sharp tongue to good use, for once. You flappy faced, toffee-nosed Etonian fuck head.

Devil's Kitchen said...

Beware: please do not feed the Social Democrat troll.


Hrothgar said...

Best solution is to let no one have power over anyone. Simple. Elegant. Just.

Haribo said...

In fairness, Evans is sound on several issues - liberalisation of drug laws, to name one. Abortion, to name another.

Of course I'm with you on the (less personal) point about democracy. It always amuses me when Conservatives moan that the Labour government is "completely paralysed", arguing that this is somehow "bad for Britain". No it's not, numpties, it's a good thing (!)

ChrisM said...

JD, I think the problem is democracy where it is inappropriate.
Democracy is fine where everyone has to abide by the same decision - such as who runs the country - but NOT fine where it is quite possible for everyone to do their own thing, such as smoking, drinking, shagging, drugs, who we marry, where we go to school, how much we earn, what colour car we drive, who we associate with and myriad other things where 99.9% of people have no damn business imposing their view on 0.1%, let alone 9 million imposing on 60 million.

paul said...

Fuck democracy, but vote for me. Is this some sort of weird reverse psychology?

naturalnoble said...

How many votes did J Demetriou get?

John Demetriou said...

I'm not a party, you prat.

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