Sunday, January 31, 2010

Breaking News: Alex Hilton breaks the US market!

I am very happy for Recess Monkey—our very own Alex Hilton (whose PPC site is very bare: perhaps he doesn't fancy his chances?)—who has, it seems, managed to break into the US music market, albeit in the children's category.

At least, I assume that this is what has happened, since now points to the website of Recess Monkey: "the acclaimed children’s music band from Seattle, WA!"

In all seriousness, I can only imagine that some nasty person has hacked Hilton's account since I am sure that a man who "knows a thing or two about blogging" and who is also "Director of Digital Engagement and co-founder of Game Changer" would not let his domain name lapse, would he?

Unless, of course, Mr Hilton feels that putting his shameful blogging past behind him might help his future prospects as the Labour PPC for Chelsea and Fulham? No, that cannot be it, for he mentions Recess Monkey—with a link—in his biography.

Who can tell? But your humble Devil might put in a request to be notified should the ownership of suddenly lapse...


Shug Niggurath said...

Seeing as the domain expires in May 2010 I think it's more likely it's been physically repointed to the other address by the domain owner (not an Alex Hilton btw).

James Higham said...

You know, of course, that he has wrote to someone else, planning to steal the Albion Alliance database data and use it for his own party, if he could raise enough money.

We were delighted about the recognition and if he'd like the cash, our resident techie would like to hear form him and perhaps they could do a deal.

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