Sunday, December 06, 2009

State slavery

As a libertarian and as someone with a reasonable knowledge of history, I find the idea of state slavery repulsive. So it's no bloody surprise that NuLabour have decided that it's actually a wonderful thing.
Higher education minister David Lammy has backed calls for a national army of volunteers to help the UK economy out of recession.

All credit to Lammy, he seems to be admitting that the state needs slave labour because it has pissed all its money up the wall. There's no "social inclusion"-type bollocks cited as the primary motivation here: it's quite simply that the state needs cheap—or, rather, free—slave-labour because it has run out of cash.

On the other hand, of course, David Lammy is a total fuckwit, since the Demos report that he is praising also demands that businesses get fucked over—which is not a recovery-friendly policy.
Employers would have to allow their staff to take a week off a year to take part in the service.

Ah, so, it's not so much "to help the UK economy out of recession" as it is to provide the state with free labour.
Meanwhile, university students would be required to carry out 100 hours of community service in recognition of the subsidy the state pays towards their education - estimated at £8,000.

Uh-huh. And no doubt you will be housing these students in some sort of camp, right? Like the scouts. You could call them "work camps" or something...

I tell you what—I have a far better idea. Every MP should be forced to do 100 hours of community service every year, in recognition of the £250,000 of the subsidy the state we pay them every year.

How about that, Mr Lammy, you fucking fascist?
Report author Sonia Sod Her Sodha said: "A civic corps serving the nation will help local communities, ease the burden on public services and boost young people's employability at a time when the recession is biting."

Oh yes: slave labour is very good for helping local communities, eh? That'll bring home to everyone just what a just and free country we live in, won't it?

And the fact that every young person is compelled to undertake such work will really make them stand out—it'll be a massive fucking differentiator, eh?

Naturally, those working for the state—and, of course, think-tank report authors—will be exempt from this little scheme because they are far too important to have their crucial work disrupted. They will be needed to direct the labour where it's most needed—the salt mines of Cheshire, for instance.
Mr Lammy said: "I have long campaigned for a national civic service and I hope the recommendations from this excellent report find their way into the next Labour manifesto.

"In a consumerist age young people need more opportunities to develop an ethic of service to others.

"In a multi-cultural Britain we must bring together young people from different backgrounds to encounter and work alongside one another. For a more altruistic, less parochial youth culture we need a national civic service."

He is due to speak at a seminar on the report. Later, his officials said he "supported an element of compulsion" but not the report's recommendations on finance.

Go fuck yourself, Lammy. If you want to mend this "broken society" then you need to address the root cause of it—which, as I have long argued, is the Welfare State.

Forcing people into unpaid labour is not the way to go about addressing this issue—quite the reverse. Far from meekly accepting that community work is good for them, young people are far more likely to hate and resent the state that is forcing them to be slaves to its ambitions.

Actually, maybe its not such a bad idea... It would help the revolution along massively...

No, slave labour is absolutely wrong and should never be contemplated. Thank fuck NuLabour will be out at the next election and the Tories can save us from this insanity.
The Conservatives have proposed a six-week national service scheme for youngsters in the summer after their GCSEs.



UPDATE: both Timmy and Longrider point out that such schemes have very dubious antecedents.

Oh, and the excellent reelmolesworth sums it up in style...
kabinet minnister david LAMMY komand all skoolboys to do civik servise hem-hem pehaps if MPs come & dig skool onion patch we ma konsider it

Chiz chiz.

UPDATE 2: The Appalling Strangeness is also outraged at this idea. [Emphasis mine.]
Besides, does this really create an "ethic of service to others" or rather create an idea that, from an early age, that the state can demand from its citizens pretty much what the fuck it wants when it wants it? Because the real people who will benefit from this will be the likes of Lammy, who will have access to a large, unpaid pool of labour. Just imagine if a large corporation demanded free labour from the youth of this country. There would be absolute outrage. Well, this is pretty much what is happening here; except that the government is also using this as an opportunity to indoctrinate the people from and early age with the idea that serving the state is something that should be done by all. It demands us all to be grateful to the monolithic, bureaucratic and increasingly dictatorial state. Which is something that makes me feel physically sick.

It's rare that someone puts something more strongly than your humble Devil, but I think that my colleague has encapsulated just how nauseous this whole scheme makes me feel very well.


James Higham said...

Higher education minister David Lammy has backed calls for a national army of volunteers to help the UK economy out of recession.

Absolutely effing typical of these bastards volunteering us for unpaid work.

I suggest Westminster pollies are made to do 30 days a year of this.

Chris said...

FFS Lammy, you Ernst Rohm wannabe! Rob Mugabe's 'war veterans' as a force for good and model of social cohesion. What could possibly go wrong?

OTOH: I'd love to see a couple of social worker types try to enforce this on knife-wielding Sean McASBO and his chav mates.

crutchm1962 said...

I guess as long as they have a place to tie up the Staffie and park a treble buggy they will all flock to it...NOT!

Unpaid work! I want paid work! OK min wage is better than £60 bloody a quid a week on the social, but it looks like thats the only option if this stupid plan takes off. By the way I don't like being on the dole I want to work unfortunatly I live in Thanet and speak English.

Anonymous said...

All glory to the Soviet motherland!
All glory to The Party!
All glory to the Young Pioneers!

Союз нерушимый республик свободных
Сплотила навеки Великая Русь!
Да здравствует созданный волей народов
Единый, могучий Советский Союз!

Славься, Отечество наше свободное,
Дружбы народов надёжный оплот!
Партия Ленина — сила народная
Нас к торжеству коммунизма ведёт!

Bill Sticker said...

What's the bloody point? Poorly motivated "I'm only here 'cos they told me to be." Volunteers are often worse than useless. They get in the way, slow the job up, and need ten times the supervision.

Any such scheme is doomed to failure. Crap idea.

Trident said...

Should create lots of new highly paid, vetted and superannuated supervisory positions - just what we need.

Wonder if the volunteer force will wear a uniform, one of those pre-Berlin Wall eastern European ones with lots of scrambled egg?

Gareth said...

This plan has been mentioned before.

Labour have been in campaign mode since before 1997 and never stopped. Just how much taxpayer money has funded this eternal electioneering I shudder to think.

IIRC Labour only started mentioning this sort of idea after Barack Obama did in his presidential campaign. There was some media backlash about the mandatory-ness of Obama's plan and that was quietly dropped as rhetoric induced plans frequently are.

No such luck in Blighty.

Demetrius said...

If there were enough casual labour jobs suitable for young healthy people, and employers were able to hire and fire easily, we would not need state forced labour.

crutchm1962 said...

Bill does miss the point the word "Volunteer" also applies to those who give up their time to help the sick and elderly, run charitiy shops, soup kitchens etc. No what we don't want is so called volunteers doing work for the "state" that would other wise go to a salaried person.

Tomrat said...


Have you read the Adam Smith Institute's paper Zero Base Policy by Dr Madsen Pirie? Have no problem marshalling the great unwashed into odd jobs for their benefits; Glasgow would win world cleanest town year on year!

_Felix said...

If £8,000 requires 100 hours, then £250,000 equals 3125 hours per year. This would fit exactly into all the available working days of the year, if the MPs worked 12-hour shifts.

Anonymous said...

So people will be forced to do for free what we already pay to be done through our taxes (which they pocket.)

UKPLC is a fucking business, it's failed, end of discussion.
A new centuary a new growing threat to the people in the same disguise as last centuary, for fuck sake!

Chris southern

Anonymous said...

It's utterly risible.

They can't even provide useful skills training and work experience for the keen but unspectacular youngsters who are looking for their first job.

Besides, I already work for them full time, unpaid, at my regular job every year until Tax Freedom Day.

Nope. All we have to do is dig our heels in and refuse to do it. No excuse, no explanation, just a flat refusal.


Pogo said...

I thought that the last time that "Arbeit macht frei" was tried the results were not at all encouraging.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Felix got there before me. 3,125 hours, DK.

And if they try to take my staff away even for a week, I'll send them the bill for the lost contracts seeing as I can't enlist anyone else to cover whilst the CRB checks, which Labour implemented, take 3 fucking months to process.

More damaging hot air from a party of incredibly myopic fucktards.

peter carter-fuck said...

I remember seeing David Lammy on Mastermind. The thick cunt couldn't find his arse with both hands. His special subject was Mohammed Ali, and I got more questions right than he did. A typical thick NuLabor apparatchik. These fucks need the 1789 treatment. Aux armes, citoyens!

Mark Wadsworth said...

The flip-side of slavery is rent-seeking, and the flip-side of rent-seeking is slavery. There are other forms of rent-seeking (and hence other forms of slavery) as well, you know.

Leg-iron said...

Student groups and university staff have long been the bastion of left-wing thinking. Let's hope there are some who can still think for themselves because not only are they going to be used as slave labour, they're going to be paying for the privilege.

This is to be funded by increasing the interest on student loans.

So, students, not only will you spend 100 hours neither studying nor earning to fund your studies, you will also come out of there with a far bigger debt than you should have because you are to pay for the slavedrivers supervising your 100 hours.

Bring that up at your next IngSoc student group meeting and see what your mentors have to say.

In the future, the only ones who can take up a university place will be those who can afford it. Just like in the very, very old days. That's Labour equality for you.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have to roll on the floor laughing for an hour or so.

manfromthefuture said...

this is something to do with the EU isnt it?

Anonymous said...

If organisations have to give up their staff for a week, will they be funding the week?

Who will police it? Will those who refuse to comply be sacked? Will the self-employed be denied access to the health service?

This is not just about slave labour. It is about the State setting a precedent for leveraging control over private and public employees. Once it's on the statute book, expect a ratchet effect.

This is a trifford in the making.

Anonymous said...


Middle Seaxe said...

So, Lammy, who I assume, has somewhere in his not very distant past, an ancestor or two who were probably shipped to the Caribbean on slave ships is supporting the idea

It's a funny old world folks, and getting a lot fucking funnier.


lammy should bugger of back where he came from,the neaderthals very own joe ninty.

Anonymous said...

Dust off "madame le guillotene".

sssssssshhhhhhdunk !
hoooraaaaah !

Rob said...

A hundred hours, every year, because you are a student.

A hundred hours, as a one-off punishment, because of a savage hammer attack on another person.

Labour are insane.

Stephen said...

Leaving aside the obvious point that it can't be 'voluntary work' if it is compulsory to do it, the plan is unimplementable. Any work that involves dealing with vulnerable people will requite a CRB check - so refuse to be CRB checked or give such incomplete answers that your vetting can't be processed. If you do get drafted, have illness on random days of the week. Be late because the cat was sick. Skive, skive, skive. Make life a bloody misery for the organisation that you are working for so that they are forced to sack you. There are so many ways that even a moderate amount of bolshie attitude could wreck that I almost look forward to is being set up.

VicolaW said...

See there was me thinking that by 'army of volunteers' he meant 'people who have volunteered' and when I read along I find I was wrong. By 'army of volunteers', what he actually means is 'army of press ganged employed people whose employer has been forced to pay for them to take a week off from their professional job in order to pick up litter and scrape chewing gum off the pavement because the government has pissed the contents of the treasury up the wall and can't afford to pay people any more'. Lovely. Anyway, everyone knows that if you're working for the state you are expected to take at least 6 weeks off on the sick. So if you coordinate one of these with your week of 'voluntary' service, you can have a nice week off walking the dog and watching the telly.

Bag said...

Hey, What is the problem? Being currently unemployed I'm for anything that gives me the low risk chance to case some old biddies house for anything she has left lying around.

Sign me up.

Pat said...

Good Idea- PROVIDED that the public service is as members of parliament. Of course they'd have to get elected- but with neither salary nor expenses at least we wouldn't be overpaying MPs any more. Of course, to show the nations gratitude we could allocate a few "volunteers" to do over-sorry- up Mr. Lammy's properties as well.

chris edwards said...

it is good to see someone use the word fascist correctly, yup socialists by nature have to become fascists, then this is the former country that spent 6 years and an empire fighting socialists only to lob out Mr Churchill to vote in the socialists, aaarrrggghhh

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