Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Putting the cat amongst the pigeons

Well, well: this is going to annoy our lords and masters—Douglas Carswell has introduced a Bill for a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU.
Today I introduce a Bill in the House of Commons that would give the people a direct vote on Britain's membership of the European Union; the European Union Membership (Referendum) Bill.

All three political parties promised us a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Yet it never happened.

Naturally, given how government controls Parliament (as opposed to the other way around), my Private Members Bill faces an uphill struggle to become law. But it puts down a marker. It breaks the Westminster taboo. What has been unsaid for too long is now in print on the Order Paper.

This isn't just about Europe. It's about making politics link more directly to the people. It’s about direct democracy and people power.

My Bill is backed by MPs from all parties. And even by MPs who support the EU, but fear it lacks legitimacy without a vote.

Surely the only reason to oppose such a referendum must be fear of the result?

I guarantee that this Bill will be quietly smacked down, but bravo to Douglas for trying.

Cameron's reaction should be interesting too: I wonder how long it will take the massively-foreheaded freak to engineer Douglas's deselection...?


View from the Solent said...

The thin end of the wedge is pointing in your direction. Move offshore.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

mm well done on Douglas for trying, Lets see if it translates into a proper referendum

Andy DM said...

I suspect that Cameron's not got a problem with it. The government control the parliamentary timetable. When's the last time a private member's bill got passed without government approval? When Carswell's bill goes nowhere, he can just blame the Labour Party.

I wonder whether Carswell will be brave enough to reintroduce the bill if the Tories win the next election. Then we'll know if he's genuine or just playing silly political games.

Anonymous said...

As just as a referendum would be, I doubt very much the campaign would be a particularly fair game. No doubt the 'stay in' campaign would receive a massive amount of funding from the EC and the big corporations that benefit from EC directives.

And, of course, we all know where the likes of the BBC and ITV stand.

Harry said...

DK, you may be busy but still erudite!

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong but isn't Carswell standing down at the next election anyway?

Demetrius said...

At least someone has had a shot at it. Pity it can't have a free vote.

Anonymous said...

Europe's last influence was "hoofed" out of our country in the 17th century for once and far all.

There still trying to get in by stealth as they have never succeeded through force of arms.
However most of the sheepie mp's will go with the whips ,pathetic.
Traitor is the word for them I believe.
Salutations to the brave.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone consider the question of what would happen after a UK referendum vote to leave the EU?
Do you think it's that simple?
I'm writing from Spain where the economy's in melt down. Unemployment's soaring & so are house repossessions. The only thing's that keeping this country afloat are make-work projects funded directly or indirectly from Brussels. If the UK stopped it's funding contribution there's no way that the remaining big 2 could cover the gap. France has enough problems with its own farmers & Germany couldn't afford to do it alone.
The EU can't afford us to leave. The whole house of cards would collapse & take all those well paid political careers with it.
If the UK voted for out things could get very dirty indeed. And why wouldn't they? The Europols would have nothing to lose.
The only way out of the EU may ultimately be at gunpoint

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