Tuesday, December 01, 2009

November Statpr0n

Your humble Devil does not normally do statpr0n but this month has been particularly good so, if you don't mind too much, I am going to publish the figures—as recorded by Google Analytics.
  • 101,776 Visits

  • 51,137 Absolute Unique Visitors

  • 130,479 Pageviews

The big spur has, of course, been the CRU documents leak: my early reports—especially the HARRY_READ_ME.txt post (linked to by The Register)—have garnered hits but by far the most popular so far is this post by the superlative Pedant-General which has just been linked to by, amongst others, the National Review Online.

And Guido commenting on the Etonian political monopoly didn't do any damage to the old stats either—although his referrers have been dwarfed by those of the US sites.

So, as always, I need to thank my contributors for their hard work—and also the other bloggers and forum posters who have done the lion's share of the work and whose postings I have merely collated. Thanks!

Y'know, altogether it's been an amusing few weeks...


David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

Very well done: you are about three times as "big" as we are on all statcounts - let's all hope it's the right people being converted, and not just all us believers returning to you again and again!

The Pedant-General said...


Kevin Boatang said...

Just going off for a massive wank over that. Cheers.

It's what it's all about isn't it.

Maggie West said...

Then, there's always the tried and true Internet buddies (even if one is usually painted blue ;-)

Side note: Dave (Green Hell) and I wish you and your new wife the best.

yma said...


I was one of the new visitors here, in the wake of the Crutapes - but i most certainly shan't leave after the dust has settled.

Big thank-you to you, and your fellow devils!

Devil's Kitchen said...


"Just going off for a massive wank over that. Cheers.

It's what it's all about isn't it."

Well, it's not the whole story, but I think that these stats are worth publishing because:

1) other people have put hard work into this blog and they might want to know that it has had an effect, and

2) I think that my solutions would make people better off and I thus need to inform and convince people of these policies: as such, it is good to know that people do actually visit The Kitchen.


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