Sunday, December 06, 2009

Lord Taylor of Warwick: thieving bastard

Lord Taylor of Warwick: one of the Tory Landlord's meritocratic appointees.

The Sunday Times today highlights the intriguing duplicity of Lord Taylor of Warwick—exposed as yet another thieving bastard in the House of Thieves Lords.
A TORY peer has been caught using someone else’s home address to claim tens of thousands of pounds in expenses.

Lord Taylor of Warwick, a 57-year-old former barrister, told the House of Lords that his main home was a terrace house in Oxford which he neither owned nor lived in.

The property’s owner, Tristram Wyatt, a university academic, said he was unaware that his address had been used as the peer’s main home.

Another day, another dishonest little shit stealing from the taxpayer... Plus ca change, or so you might think.

What really sets Lord Taylor apart is the fact that he appears to have elevated his lies to a near-pathological level. It's almost as though he has lied simply for the sake of lying without actually caring whether or not the lies were even vaguely plausible. [Emphasis mine.]
Taylor has lived in his family home in Ealing, west London, since 1995. By claiming his address was outside the capital he accumulated more then £70,000 in subsistence expenses between 2001 and 2007.

When confronted earlier this year, Taylor claimed he had lived at his mother’s home in the West Midlands during those years. However, this claim was false as his mother died in 2001 and her house was sold that year.

His former wife has also confirmed that he lived in London, and nowhere else, until their separation in 2003.

Surely most people would have realised that these lies were tissue-paper thin? I mean, for fuck's sake, either he is, in fact, a pathological liar or, alternatively, he has a total and utter contempt for the taxpayer.

This is, of course, pure speculation: what isn't speculation, however, is the fact that Lord Taylor of Warwick appears to be a liar, a fraud and a thief.

Just another politico then...


JuliaM said...

"...either he is, in fact, a pathological liar or, alternatively, he has a total and utter contempt for the taxpayer."

Not entirely sure that's an 'either/or' situation, actually...

Tyburn Jig said...

"Lord Taylor of Warwick appears to be a liar, a fraud and a thief."


Lord Taylor of Warwick IS a liar, a fraud and a thief.

Anonymous said...


Mitch said...

His previous job kinda gives it away!

Dark Lochnagar said...

The fucker should be prosecuted and jailed. What would happen to some stupid wee lassie who happens to have her boyfriend living with her and doesn't declare it to the bebefits office. Sent to jail that's what happens, yet this bastard will get away with it because he is part of the establishment. One rule for some and a different rule for others.

Rob said...

Fraud, plain as day.

I'm sure the Grievance Industry will scream "Racist!" if he ever is prosecuted though.

Rob said...

Both main parties now want compulsory state slavery for young adults.

Roger Thornhill said...

He is a former Barrister.

Surely the training is to win, not pursue justice?

Click this for link said...

It was the blogs wot done it for him. Click the link for back story.

Anonymous said...

Wow, another of our Noble Lords such as this (allegedly). Then he joins an elite of similar alleged Peers, of all parties, just like my liege Lord Mandelperson. Of course this is all alleged of course. We cannot be telling 'porkies & slurs' about our Noble Lads and Lasses of that place, the Upper House. I was under the impression that it was Pa Broone's job to 'Pack the House' with Nobles Lads and Lasses from Der Neues Arbeits Partie first and foremost.

the Boy Cameroony will have to get his finger out and sort out these, alleged 'Naughty' Peers and Peeresses, now then, now then!!

(Fred Tidlypop aka L'Oncle Vanya de Caesaromagus in ye county of East Saxons in ye land of Perfidious Albion).

crutchm1962 said...

I'm desparatly trying to find a job got an interview for door to door selling £11k a year this is for a huge blue chip energy company. How the hell can I afford everything like council tax, rent, FOOD for god sake on that? This so called Lord lives on a bubble and should be brought to account immediatly BY THE LAW. This is fraud.

astateofdenmark said...

Elected Lords is the only way forward I think. It won't stop the likes of Taylor rent-seeking, but then nothing will. The options:

1) Appointed. Pretty much the worst option. Appointments controlled by the elite, for the elite. Chancers, shysters and lickspittles will bloom.

2) Hereditary. Well Genes are random, so you'll have the good, bad and ugly. You'll also have a permanent campaign to end it, so unlikely to last and will be ignored by any executive that wishes to ignore and grounds of 'legitimacy.'

3) Lottery. Now this is pretty radical idea. But how long will it be before a winner of lottery is shown to be clueless, disinterested or venal. What if the lottery selects 90% male or 100% white? Not impossible in a game of chance.

4) Elected. We know all of the pros and cons of elected chambers.

What we have is effectively a unicameral system, which struggles, when it even tries, to check the power of the executive.

An elected lords with no party in majority (unless they get the votes, which is unlikely) and some means of encouraging the independence of members would be a powerful check on the power of the executive and it's patsies in the commons.

My tuppence

astateofdenmark said...

methinks I should have proof read my post.

john in cheshire said...

Another bloody ethnic (my time in South Africa leans me towards the term kaffer, but I suppose it's not appropriate, is it?) milking the country for all it's worth.

crutchm1962 said...

Whatever his colour (and I guess it helps)does not exclude him from the law of the land, you and I would be breaking rocks (ok playing Xbox and watching SKY) if we even did a minute bit of fraud that these freeloading no marks commit day in and day out. WHY are they getting away with it? Can nobody take out a private procecution on this leech.

Jim Morrison said...

Lord Taylor of Warwick has connections to Hillsong Church, at a recent Hillsong Mens Day Conference at which he spoke about Jesus Christs life story being interwoven with his own, can someone tell me how the life of Jesus Christ has to do with Lord Taylor being investigated for fraud.

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