Tuesday, December 01, 2009

It's not just the CRU having a few problems

One of the limiting factors—in terms of the lack of impact that the CRU document leak has had on anthropogenic climate alarmists—is the simple fact that there are other temperature reconstruction projects.

In this regard, one of the main research centres is NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) which is led by the egregious James Hansen. Those of us who have taken an interest in such things have, of course, been maintaining that the GISS temperature reconstructions are extremely dodgy too, e.g. see here, here, here and here for starters.

However, via Bishop Hill (who is fast becoming the go-to man in these matters), I see that someone else has noticed that there are more than a few extra problems with the GISS records too.
One of [those looking at other institutions] is EM Smith who runs a blog called Musings from the Chiefio. Like Climate Audit, it's pretty hard going sometimes but as the first outsider to actually get NASA's GISSTEMP global temperature index running, it's very important. Fortunately, the Chiefio has written a layman's introduction to what he has found.

It's all disturbing, but his comments on "The Great Thermometer Dying" are simply astonishing.
Since about 1990, there has been a reduction in thermometer counts globally. In the USA, the number has dropped from 1850 at peak (in the year 1968) to 136 now (in the year 2009). As you might guess, this has presented some “issues” for our thermal quilt. But do not fear, GIStemp will fill in what it needs, guessing as needed, stretching and fabricating until it has a result.

Like His Ecclesiastical Eminence, I can only urge you to go and read the whole thing—it is simply mind-boggling...


orange.888 said...

This bitch is going to enjoy Christmas this year.

I'll buy her some coal maybe

Suzanne Goldenberg


Anonymous said...

Really funny video on YouTube

Andrew K said...

Suzanne Goldenberg

Another lefty Canadian journalist (cf Lyse Doucett and Barbara Plett at the BBC)


Letters From A Tory said...

This is clearly serious stuff, but maintaining the momentum from Climategate and getting this stuff into the media off the back of it is going to prove increasingly difficult as the climate change lobby close ranks.

Anonymous said...

I would love to know if they use seawater temperature data from merchant ships as a basis for some of these calculations. I'll post why if someone can come up with an answer.

Anonymous said...

Some interesting analysis from Pielke Snr here about a recent claim about the independence of some temperature records.

Kevin B said...


Hadley use ships in their historic and current reconstructions of sea surface temperature. GISS optionally add in SST from HADCRUt.

There was a kerfuffle about switching from canvas to steel buckets to dip the water and then to engine intake temp sensors. Funnily enough, when they 'adjusted' for this, it tended to get rid of the infamous 1940's dip as well as increasing the trend of the slope. Amazing coincidence how 90% of these corrections have the effect of making the trend look worse.

Anonymous said...

When I was a Marine Engineer about thirty years ago on most of the ships I sailed on sea water temperature was measured using a thermometer attached to the seawater inlet pipe with a lump of plasticine, somewear between 10 and 20 that'll be 15 Degrees then.

Tomrat said...


Not sure if you've seen this yet but might be worth promoting action to "contribute" to the debate.

Did anyone see C4 news last night? There was a massive section on how Climate Change is affecting the Amazon, particularly causing eutrophicatiothAne fish death; overtly flippant and lacking in credibility; no mention of deforestation of the amazon, overuse of nitrate fertilisers or poor agricultural policy. I had to stop mysel from swearing twice.

microdave said...

There just might be some light at the end of the tunnel:




FrankFisher said...

It has brought down an opposition leader, it may yet bring down a government, and *still* the mainstream refuse to report it.

DK, it isn't the facts and arguments that are keeping climategate off the front pages. It's the ideology.

This silence is a superb indicator - a proxy indicator in fact, eh Mann? - of the way in which leftygreenie politics utterly infests our media. The facts cannot sway them. They are guided by a higher power.

Neal Asher said...

It's bloody endless. Turned on the TV last night and I counted five patronising lectures about global warming. And I only watched for a couple of hours, most of that time spent watching a film.

Anonymous said...

Looks like were in for another hard winter this year.
As a smoker I have been observing the weather in great detail over the last 10 years.
As a rational type I think the Australian thing may spread .
It is a good attack to be used against lefty politicians in general as their flank is exposed on the issue.
Liebour's pants are down here ,for all too see.
AGW always was the Emporers new clothes syndrome .
I think Microdave may be on the money here.

Anonymous said...

MIT Professor of Meteorology/AGW skeptic Lindzen has an op/ed in the WSJ you might find interesting:

O/T (or maybe not) I'd like to see a poll like this done in the UK:

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that only 27% are not angry about the government’s policies, including 10% who are Not at All Angry....

The data suggests that the level of anger is growing. The 71% who are angry at federal government policies today is up five percentage points since September.


John Demetriou said...

Dear DK

Sorry to post on a tangent here, but you don't appear to have got round to answering my recent question on one of your recent posts.

So here it is again. Sorry about the inconvenience.

"Well done and good luck on your appointment. I wish you well.

Quick question, though. Given our blogland encounters over the last few months, do you consider me welcome in the UK Libertarian Party, or unwelcome?

I look forward to reading your reply."

orange.888 said...

Can you spare some cutter, me brothers?

I'm currently battling out on the fields of imdb if anyone is interested, imscruffythejanitor.

Does anyone feel the battle is being lost to IPCC, since they just don't admit defeat.


George Monibot Guardian turd

Gordon Brown (Fork Q is one tough bitch)

orange.888 said...





Anonymous said...

The Harry_ReadMe.txt file.


Frightening stuff. And STILL they won't report on it....

orange.888 said...


Can't wait for this type of reaction to happen in England

1984 is now 2009 said...

I am afraid i find all this depressing. We have had a major fraud exposed (and one which should strike at the very heart of the dogma of corrupt thinking), yet the giant machine of government and "settled science" just keeps rolling along as if nothing is wrong. What has happened is what happens to all government-organised or state-funded matters: the truth is far less important than the momentum.

In a way it would have been better if this hadn't come up, because we can now see that whatever is revealed is of no consequence. Without this exposure of flawed analysis by the CRU and the empty ideology of the AGW lobby we might have thought that the truth -- aided by proper science and supported by the healthy inquiring nature of the human mind -- would eventually emerge and steps taken to correct it. Possibly even from all that to believe our 'leaders' have some interest in reality.

Yet the way the left and the proponents of more laws, less freedom (including the mainstream media (or mangestream, as some would have it) have reacted is to turn their backs even more. The state juggernaut must roll on, and it cannot be deflected by mere truth.

Even if the heroes of the new age of restrictions and global order, such as Mann and his merry band of untruers, recanted nothing can change now. We are set on being taxed and restrained (and if necessary, retrained to develop correct thoughts) and speeches must be made, more control applied.

Would that Orwell were alive now. But the powers we voted in have already seen the instruction manual and we, the people, must suffer so those above are made more glorious.

Bastards all.

Anonymous said...

37,000 froze to death in the UK last year.
Once this gets in 100,000.
Depopulation is the name of the game and it is quite vile.
Costs will rise.
The fat ugly pigs troughs will overflow.
Interesting what is happening in OZ though.
The future of the world is now in US hands ,watch the senate.
They must throw the CO bill out dunno if they will though.
I hate them caught red handed but still they continue with it and still some stupid little prats believe in this shite.
There stupidity is more evil than the fat cats greed.

AndrewSouthLondon said...

The silence of the mainstream media and political parties is appalling. FFS the BNP is the only political party openly saying AGW is shite. The BBC loved that - lots of column inches there, see what company you keep if you are a denier.

This is a watershed. It is living proof, if proof were needed, that those in or near power of all three main parties and the client media are utterly worthless. That they will lie to us (their paymaster) for any political advantage. They are willfully negligent in their jobs. They are terrified of scientific truth.

The internet enables freedom of thought and speech. Its not just You-tubes of a duck riding a skateboard. Its actual democracy and freedom of expression, good, bad and ugly. And oh how they hate it.

Its about illegal hacking, and academic squabbles. Move on, nothing to see. The bastards.

thespecialone said...

It has finally made the front page of a national newspaper here in the UK. Well done the Daily Express. ITV/BBC - glaciers disappearing. They really do think the British public are completely stupid dont they?

crutchm1962 said...

The climate IS changing it's called weather!
Anyway who wants a bloody ice fair on the Thames again or for that matter a bloody great glacier in the garden, no I would rather be growing my grapes. Anyway what good do polar bears do, nice rugs?
The worlds going to be here next week, next year the next bloody million years, we will adapt as will other forms of life. Earth has been under constant change and its got bugger all to do with us. All I see is propoganda dreamed up by corupt tax hungry no marks. The millions spent on all this tosh could easily be used to actually help those in need of clean water, medical supplies etc.

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