Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Who needs a trial, eh?

Via JuliaM, it seems that our government-in-waiting has the potential to be just as fucking awful as the one currently in power.
A Tory government would use instant penalties on teenage yobs instead of relying on Asbos, the party said yesterday.

Chris Grayling, the Shadow Home Secretary, said he favoured quick intervention against teenage yobs through grounding orders, community punishments and property confiscation.

Don't tell me: you'll also be marching them to cashpoints to pay instant fines as well, yeah? And this will only apply to those nasty young yobs—of course it will. There will definitely be no function creep, will there? Oh, nooooo...

Fuck. Off.


RantinRab said...

Like I said on another blog - same shit, different colour.

cabalamat said...

When Labour won power in 1997, I thought "OK, they're not wonderful, but at least they won't be as bad as the Tories".

And they weren't as bad as the Tories. They were worse.

Now the Tories look likely to win, people are saying "OK, I've no enthusiasm for them, but look at the shit Labour have done -- they won't be as bad as that, surely?"

Well I've been there before. I hope they aren't as bad as Labour. But it would not surprise me one little bit if they were worse.

I do not believe this country will be well governed until the Labservative duopoly on power is broken.

Anonymous said...

What's up with CallIronCallMeDave's plan to keep shtum about his lack of principles and differences from zanulabia?

eu referendum cancelled
lies about eu - this far and no further
imposed candidate lists

there's no point in voting for the cons, even if we end up with a hung parliament - there's no real difference.

Dave you're a waste of time and space, just like bliar

bewick said...

Think I'll vote for anyone who
1. Brings back the village stocks
2. Facilitates their use by abandoning the Human Rights Act
3. Facilitates the naming and shaming of those under 18 (even kids of 8 now say "can't touch me - I know my rights")
4.Re-instates Corporal punishment in schools.

I could go on but would have to create a new nickname of Judge Jeffries so you get the idea.

Leg-iron said...

What the Cameroids forget is who will be implementing their new income-collection scheme.

A whole army of feeble little council jobsworths who'd rather fine picnickers with a bottle of wine that tackle a hoodie mob with a crate of Special Brew, who'd rather fine someone for dropping a matchstick than approach a hoodie mob throwing cans at passers-by and so on.

This won't touch the hoodie yobs at all because the councils have employed the least useful people on the planet to act on it. Unless Dai Cameroid changes that, it's just something new for the council prats to play with.

Buy a hoodie and shout a lot. Then they'll leave you alone.

There is one way to avoid it all. Vote for someone else. You know the Cameroids are going to be a pain in the arse so why vote for them?

Old Codger said...

Dave, the "heir to Blair" seems to be living up to his claim.

We are all doomed, doomed I tell you.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, that's another bundle of votes lost then. Has he got a death wish or something.....most likely something!


Vicola said...

"A Tory government would use instant penalties on teenage yobs instead of relying on Asbos, the party said yesterday.

A friend of mine got mugged by some 'teenage yobs' and he used his army combat training to administer an instant penalty too. I wonder if that's what they're on about?

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