Monday, November 16, 2009

This really is one of those situations...

... when one would like to ensure that they both lose.
Nick Griffin launched the “Battle for Barking” yesterday, declaring that he will stand against the culture minister Margaret Hodge at the next election.

Fuck me: what a choice for the people of Barking, eh? A choice between Nick "one-eyed, far-Left, racist shitbag" Griffin or Margaret "fuck the little children" Hodge (whose party leader also happens to be a hard-Left, one-eyed, incompetent shitbag).

You'd have to be barking to vote for either one of them. Unless by "vote" you mean "tar and feather and run out of town on a rail".

Fucking hellski.


Leg-iron said...

Nick Griffin vs. Margaret Hodge in Barking.

It's just tooo easy to be worth saying.

Neither of them have to win though. It's not one or the other.

It's up to that 60% who never bother. They can change things, one X at a time, and they won't have to riot or protest or do anything terribly inconvenient at all.

Just as well. If they can't be troubled to put an X in a box, they'd be no use at all in any real conflict.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't LPUK field a candidate?

Neal Asher said...

My thoughts exactly from the last poster. Though the utter indignity if the candidate lost against those two might be too much to bear.

Newmania said...

Enver Hodge to lose if you push me after all the BNP are no threat while Brown is 10% behind only. He could easily still win and if there is a hung Parliament the Liberals will go back to their old pact buddies for the fifth time .

Brown is on course to win and my enemies enemy is my friend

Anonymous said...

A tricky choice, and at such times I fall back on the old tried and trusted metric, "Which one would I be most comfortable with over a pint in the pub?"

The choice is now clear. Hodge is a particularly nasty piece of work steeped in political correctness and New Labour shittery. During our fantasy pub encounter she would most certainly get upset when I'd exceded the government recommended number of alcohol units, and god knows how she would react when I popped outside for a ciggy. As for the conversation, I think "strained, with long pregnant silences" might sum it up.

Griffin on the otherhand, evil bastard though he might be, is still a part of my culture. The sort of person I would expect to stand his round.

So, it's the choice of the lesser evil. Griffin gets my vote.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a shoo in for the Lib Dums (the "Third Party" of government). Given that this pair might be easily compared to Fire and Theft!
What a choice, the Poor Man's Roderick Spode or the Harpy.

Anonymous said...

The Illiberal Undemocrats I think.
Though Hodge and Griffin would
be 1st + 2nd in the ugly contest.
Thats Hodge 1st.

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