Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sons of Liberty

Frank Turner: boundless energy.

A couple of weeks ago, your humble Devil was invited to watch a concert by an up-and-coming musician called Frank Turner (here profiled in the Evening Standard).

It's been a while since I went to a gig that wasn't James, The Waterboys or my brother—and so it's been an age since I went to a gig where I didn't really know the music. I was pleased to find that it didn't terribly matter...

... as Frank piled into his set with a boundless and furious energy that pulled me in from the moment that it started. The one song of his that I had heard properly (on the radio) was The Road (you can hear it on his MySpace page) and it was even more driving and energetic live than on the recording.

The big sing-along track, though, was Sons of Liberty—the words of which I entirely endorse...
Sons of Liberty

Once an honest man could go from sunrise to its set
Without encountering agents of his state or government
But a sorry cloud of tyranny has fallen across the land
Brought on by hollow men, who did not understand
That for centuries our forefather have fought and often died
To keep themselves unto themselves, to fight the rising tide
And that if in the smallest battles we surrender to the state
We enter in a darkness whence we never shall escape

When they raise their hands up our lives to possess
To know our souls, to drag us down, we'll resist.

Watt Tyler led the people in 1381
To meet the king at Smithfield and issue this demand:
That Winchester's should be the only law across the land
The law of old King Alfred's time, of free and honest men.
Because the people then they understood what we have since forgot:
That a government will only work for its own benefit
And I'd rather stand up naked against the elements alone
Than give the hollow men the right to enter in my home

When they raise their hands up our lives to possess
To know our souls, to drag us down, we'll resist.

Stand up Sons of Liberty and fight for what you own
Stand up Sons of Liberty and fight, fight for for your homes.

So if ever a man should ask you for your business or your name
Tell him to go and fuck himself, tell his friends to do the same.
Because a man who'd trade his liberty for a safe and dreamless sleep
Doesn't deserve the both of them, and neither shall he keep.

Your humble Devil attended the after-show party and had a long chat with Frank (who is a fan of The Kitchen) and he is, indeed, a committed libertarian—an unusual thing in the music industry. It's also rather refreshing—we tend to hear from lefty tax-dodging arseholes like Bono or loony Gaia-worshippers like Sting but few musicians are avowed fans of freedom.

As such, I highly recommend listening to Frank's music and, especially, going to see him live: not only because he is a talented man, but because supporting a libertarian voice in the media is a good thing to do.

And watch out for a possible hook-up between Frank and LPUK in the future...


Quiet_Man said...

I've been listening to Frank for a couple of years now since my son introduced me to his music, he's a really great bloke and very talented musician. His albums (showing my age there) are not easy to find in the mainstream, but easy enough online.

My favourite track is still Photosynthesise on the Love, ire and song cd.

Tenure said...

Listened to 'Sons of Liberty' on Spotify and I'm hooked. Not only hearing someone talk about freedom in their songs, but hearing them talk about the specific history of our country, rather than vague generalities (e.g. Muse) is something rather refreshing.

Thanks for this recommendation.

Thomas Byrne said...

Isn't this the chap who wrote quite the unflattering song about Thatcher? He's inspired quite a few lefties I must say.

frank said...

Thanks Devil, very flattering. Incidentally I did write a less-than-flattering song about Thatcher many moons ago. The last burp of my teenage lefty nonsense, it's long disappeared from my set. Still not much of a maggie fan, for what it's worth..

Devil's Kitchen said...

Flattering it may be, frank, but not a word of a lie.

And yes, I went and looked that one up—I won't say that it's content is entirely bollocks either!

Maggie was a good Prime Minister only in comparison to the other fuckwits we've had in the last few decades...


PitOfCocks said...

Very good live but slowly slowly selling out - each album a gentle degradation, each tour increasingly devoid of passion - he's already peaked, without making it.

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