Monday, November 16, 2009

Rowan Williams on tax

Rowan Williams: a smug, self-satisfied, hairy, diseased Polly-cunt. With teeth. And not in a good way.

I see that the Archbishop of Canterbury—who is, by any measure, a delusional bearded cunt—has decided to open his ill-informed gob on the subject of tax. [Emphasis mine.]
Dr Rowan Williams said that taxation should not be seen as a way of stifling business or redistributing wealth but helping to make the world a better place in which to live.

He called for new levies to be introduced on financial transactions and carbon emissions, and an end to the idea that unlimited economic growth is desirable.

I'm sorry... You fucking what?

Let me explain this to you very simply: "new levies" on "financial transactions and carbon emissions" are a sure way of "stifling business". You might think that this is a price worth paying, but what you are reported as having said makes. No. Fucking. Sense. You. Moron.

Look, Rowan, I think that it is time that we had a little chat. Sit down; yes, here, next to me. Now, let me try to put this simply. Hmmmm, where to begin...?

OK... Ummm... I hate to point this out, Rowan, but you are the top man at the Church of England. You understand that? Good.

Now, the Church of England is haemorrhaging members at a rate of knots; your organisation is selling off land and property in a desperate attempt to balance the books and you yourself command the respect of precisely no one.

To be honest, Rowan, you are the CEO of a failing—and damn near failed—business and I don't think that you have any right to give advice about economic matters to anyone at all.

You, Rowan, cannot even manage your own business properly: why don't you keep your comedy pug nose out of everybody else's, eh?

You are a colossal failure, Rowan, in every conceivable way—economically, socially and spiritually—and I really don't think that you have the authority to lecture anyone on anything.


There, there: don't cry. Just crawl away to your palace and shut the fuck up, and no one will be nasty to you anymore. That's it—off you go. You fucking bearded clam, you.

For a more rational dissection of the Archbishop's utter shitness, do feel free to head over to The Longrider's place. I'm got better things to do that to spend any more time on this delusional god-botherer.


MU said...

DK, I think you misunderstand Rowan here.

I'm taking this as Dr Rowan Williams knowing full fucking well that he's lying through his teeth; he just wants people to see tax as a magical problem solver because of government friendliness to faith schools and anyone who believes in sky fairies.

"Dr Rowan Williams said, with a nudge and a wink, wouldn't it be bloody nice if those proles saw taxation as a good thing, eh? Stifle the economy enough, and when it's baked beans 5 times a week, that'll put some arses on congregation seats, they'll love some lordly comfort then"

Anonymous said...

The romans knew how to deal with them.

Anonymous said...

Actually tax collectors do not get a good press in the bible do they ?
Just a thought.

manfromthefuture said...

doesnt the church get enormous tax breaks.

Brad Evans said...

Vatican City, Iran and...England.
What do they have in common?
All three are the only countries in the world in which clergy get, automatically, a place in the national government.
Which you have to pay for.
Whether you belong to this church or not-or, indeed, any church.
Which makes sense....why?

TheFatBigot said...

The great irony is that he sees his church's receipts going down as customer numbers decline, but can't see that it is the same in the real world.

His church is having to sell assets as customers decline, yet he seems incapable of understanding that people lose their jobs when real businesses are in the same position.

Apparently he is an outstanding scholar of sky-fairy things. I'd suggest he keeps to his field and leaves the real world of putting food on tables to those who risk everything they have to set up businesses that provide jobs for ordinary people.

Maturecheese said...

I agree with you that the Archbishop says a lot of things that are pretty disagreeable and also in my view he is weak as he does not fight Christianity's corner BUT, I would not be so offensive to an elder churchman in my criticism.

'an end to the idea that unlimited economic growth is desirable,

This statement of his I actually agree with as continued growth cannot be sustained and this is because the Earths resources are finite. With continued economic growth comes a rise in the population and so are you prepared to have a sprawling housing estate built on your doorstep?

We need to find a way to maintain a kind of equilibrium that does not require growth to be successful. Unfortunately I don't have the answer but I have noticed that the Scandinavian countries, until recently, have managed to have a decent standard of living without the population explosion this country has numerously undergone during the last few centuries.

wonderfulforhisage said...

Sloppy thinking DK. The Church is not a business. It is a collection of people who share the same/similar beliefs.

You're making the same ill thought through mistake that the Cameroon modernisers are making. A business is an organisation that needs to change/modify its product in order to meet the fixed beliefs/values of its shareholders - profit.

A church or political party on the other hand is an organisation designed to reflect a set of fairly fixed beliefs and values of its members. People who share a set of similar beliefs and values join.

Chameleon Cameron sees himself as the CEO of a business and designs products according to market research (focus groups). Those of us who signed up to the Tory Party because we thought it was an association of those with similar beliefs and values can get stuffed.
Vide, all women selection, 'A' list candidates etc.

As a result of Cameron's treachery I'm now a member of the Libertarian Party and also UKIP (sod the Tories whom I've voted for in every election since 1959).

So Mr.DK, the COE is not a business and doesn't need a CEO. The same applies to the Tory Party.

So there!

Anonymous said...

'e should've stuck to doin' Mr Bean. 'e was funnier then.

Perry de Havilland said...

Because in the bible it says "use force to take other people's money", right?

Anonymous said...

Being worried about what the wierdy beardy thinks is really a waste of time!

What you are missing out on here is the subtly of subtext.

He is on a mission to get some more funding for the church - and this is how you do it! - maybe he is looking on getting donations to the church being done on gross pre tax pay - or some other deal.

That is how religion and politics work - they never mean what they say - they just say it for effect.

I am surprised you don't know this yet!

Although if you did, you wouldn't have much content in your blog!

Sargon the Demented said...

delusional god-botherer

Tsk, Devil, indulging in tautology now?

VicolaW said...

Awww..I like Rowan Williams. Although this is because he's the spitting image of my dad, rather than because he ever says anything sensible. He's an academic, why anyone ever expected an academic to be able to grasp ordinary little details of life is beyond me. They live in books and libraries in universities, they odn't deal with mundane crap like tax and dry cleaning so expecting Mr Williams to say something sensible about taxation is like expecting him to put his tweed jacket with leather elbow patches in a skip, it's just unreasonable.

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