Saturday, November 21, 2009

Post of the Day: Worstall goes all Devil

Timmy rarely swears, but this article on the EU urging us to "focus on the big issues"—by some apologist called Vaira Vike-Freiberga—has really got his goat, and his comments are succinct and to the point...
Europe is as democratic as it can be for now.

Translation: shut the fuck up and do what we tell you.
Europe can never again have a political system imposed on it from above.

Which is why we are imposing one upon you so shut the fuck up and do what we tell you.
The time for faceless bureaucracy and high-table deal-making is over.

Which is why we’ll continue to run the system as a faceless bureaucracy leavened with high-table deal-making so shut the fuck up and do what we tell you.

As regular readers of The Kitchen will know, your humble Devil is not a fan of democracy—but it is the least worst system that we have come up with.

The EU doesn't even pretend that it is even paying lip-service to democracy anymore. The attitude of the colleagues really is "shut the fuck up and do what we tell you."

Can we leave yet? Or better...

Unio Europaea delenda est.

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