Friday, November 13, 2009

Osler and Phillips: two prats in a pod

The lovely Bella Gerens has a long, comprehensive and detailed fisking of an article by Mad Mel Phillips—loony, Christian, illiberal nutjob—and a post by David Osler (barking mad, illiberal, Communist bigot).

The whole thing is well worth a read, especially so that you understand how the wife reaches this (possibly surprising) conclusion...
David Osler, you are both ignorant and blind.
In short, Phillips already lives in the kind of country that is the only conceivable outcome of the brand of rightwingery she herself represents; she might at least be that little bit more graceful about it.

Yeah, she does; and you live in a country that is one of the milder forms of the brand of leftwingery you yourself represent; you might be a little more graceful about it, and thankful that it hasn’t turned into any of those hideous tragedies you mentioned above. Because you’ve both gotten exactly what you wanted: a culture of liberty and individual responsibility demolished, and a society of restriction, coercion, and collective punishment raised up in its place. The two of you are a hell of a lot more alike than you are different.

She's not wrong...


Martin said...

Statist ideas inevitably lead to one thing; the state being used as a tool to enforce a certain way of living by force. It really doesn't matter what that proposed way of living is, the methods of getting there are going to be the same. Sad but true, the authoritarian left and right really are identical.

Andrew K said...

Ermmm, Christian nutjob? Melanie Phillips is Jewish.

ScotsToryB said...

I think the point of Mad Mel's piece is that we are replacing one totalitarian regime with another. Osler's reply misses that point as does The Missis.


Rob said...

Yea, she is Jewish. Although she's always going on about the decline of Christian values, why Rowan Williams should resign etc so it's easy to mistake her for one. Why, she actually thinks Rowan Williams matters in the scheme of things, I have no idea.

Roger Thornhill said...

As Martin hints at, the struggle now is Authoritarian* vs Libertarian. Left and Right have gravitated to the Authoritarian Centre and are upset, cos the (Lib)SocDems have first dibs.

The bad half of each (social for the Righties and Economic for the Lefties) takes over and they, how can I say it, get a taste for it.

* Statist is Authoritarian and highly likely to be Totalitarian too, for the State is uncomfortable with anything other than monopoly.

p.s. Rowan Williams is Alistair Darling's long lost mad twin separated at birth.

p.p.s. WV psionshe

Anonymous said...

"loony, Christian, illiberal nutjob"

Er, I would have thought that she was, er, 'of the Jewish faith' ??

I cannot argue with your other points...

Anonymous said...

Actually, having said that there is, I suppose, nothing stopping those who are born Jewish and support Israel whether they are in the right or in the wrong from becoming a Christian, but I would have thought it somewhat unlikely.

On a lighter note, I always wonder what the fuck Joshua Rozenberg, a reasonably intelligent, sensible and wise old owl in all other regards is doing handcuffed to that old baggage.

As they used to say 'Could have done better for himself..'

Anonymous said...

Basic premise - anything I disagree with is right/left wing lunatic, stupid ignorant and authoritarian

Anything I agree with is liberal, beneficial and obviously intelligent.

Thought - which one is the self-righteous, self satisfied ocupier of the moral high ground?

wv - wineth - you couldn't make it up.

bella gerens said...

Anon 1.12,

You've got it backward. The basic premise is:

Anything that is right/left wing lunatic, stupid, ignorant and authoritarian, I disagree with.

Anything that is liberal, beneficial, and obviously intelligent, I agree with.

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