Saturday, November 21, 2009

A note on the authenticity of the CRU emails

It is worth noting that we still do not know for certain that the CRU leak is all genuine and unaltered. However, it does seem that 60MB of mainly text files would take a significant amount of time to fake.

Further, there are no "we know that AGW is fake but we shall propagate it anyway, aaahahahahaa haha haha!" type emails, so any alterations have been done very subtly. Further, much of the correspondence does confirm many of the statistical tricks that we know were used to boost the credibility of the AGW narrative.

And we do know, for instance, that Steve Mcintyre's correspondence is unedited and unaltered.

What is, I think, most telling is that Real Climate published a post which is pure damage limitation—and did so on the assumption that this material is genuine.

Which would be a a real "so what?" moment—and then you remember that Real Climate is run by Michael Mann and other members of The Club involved in the emails and documents.

A couple of FoI requests have now been put into the University of East Anglia (where the CRU is based) which should (eventually) go some way to proving the authenticity of the material.

As such, your humble Devil is proceeding on the basis that the material is—at least substantially—genuine.

UPDATING: a list of The Kitchen posts, so far, concerning this is posted below:
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And, just as a reminder, feel free to browse the searchable database.

I'm having so much fun...


microdave said...

What's happened to most of the earlier posts? I can only see No's # 4 & # 8

Devil's Kitchen said...

You need to scroll down: because of the rolling updates, #4 is out of sequence.


Shug Niggurath said...

Yep, me too. Having spent more time reading the mails today it is either a bizarrely elaborate fraud or a huge embarrassment to the CRU (I read one email from Steve McIntyre which mentions that someone is hosting a website from their own computer) - they've left a straightforward http or ftp connection into a publicly facing box, this seems very likely.

Anonymous said...

Yep, inundate them with FOI requests - I sent a couple in

microdave said...

Thanks DK, I realise now that this is becoming a major project!

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