Sunday, November 01, 2009

Not just mad, but bad too

So, did we pay for that sofa? Nadine Dorries: mad, bad and irritating to know.

As regular readers of The Kitchen will know, Nadine "Mad Nad" Dorries is something of a laughing stock around these parts.

Of course, were she not one of the 646 bastards who rule us, she would simply be another mad old bag-lady with whom no one wants to associate—but since she is one of those crooks, she thus falls under the purview of your humble Devil. And, to be fair, I think that this is a good thing, because few things please me quite as much as showing up these corrupt arseholes for the fuckwits that they are—and, in that area, Nadine is a gift that just goes on giving.

A few days ago, Nadine thought that whingeing about how her daughter—who has just graduated—faced "a grim future" was a good use of Commons time. To be fair, it was probably more relevant than most of the shit that she witters on about—and it was certainly more based in fact.

Luckily, as one of the 646 makers of law in this fine country of ours, Nadine is in a position to help her daughter. Nad could lobby for a reduction in the stupidly high maternity payments to women, perhaps, or campaign for a lowering of NICs rates—both measures would help to create more jobs for women everywhere.

Unfortunately, Nadine couldn't be arsed; plus, of course, her poor daughter couldn't just wait around for the months or years that it would take darling Dorries to sort out these positive, job-creating measures.

So, Nadine found another solution (a tip of the horns to Old Holborn for flagging it up).
Shameless Nadine Dorries has handed just-graduated Jennifer an estimated £28,000-a-year taxpayer-funded job in her Commons office – weeks after complaining that the girl couldn’t find work.

MPs will be banned from employing family members under reforms following the expenses scandal. But Dorries, forced to apologise after revelations about her expenses, took on 22-year-old Jennifer before the new rules came in.

Eldest daughter Philippa, 24, has also previously worked for the Mid-Bedfordshire MP.

Nice work if you can get it, eh? I wonder if this is the daughter who "broke down in tears" when discussing the effect that the expenses scandal—and, presumably, the revelations that her mother was a thieving cow—had on the Dorries family?

Who knows? Or even cares? Except for the fact that I wonder if said daughter will break down in tears over these revelations...?
But then the 52-year-old installed Bournemouth University graduate Jennifer as full-time maternity cover for her House of Commons PA.

And despite some of the brightest graduates in the country vying for jobs in Parliament, she insisted her children were the best for the job.

She said: “They go the extra mile. My constituents love Jenny and Philippa because when they speak to them they know they have my ear.”

Riiiiight. So, how soon before Jenny and Philippa start setting up a lobbying firm, eh? All people would have to do is to pay JenPhil Lobbying and they'd get the ear of an MP—albeit one who is a Grade A Barking Nutjob (you'd have to be to employ your daughter so soon after the expenses scandal, wouldn't you?) with a nice line in smearing opponents.

Still, it's a good thing that Nadine is so anti-abortion because otherwise she'd be really short of staff...

UPDATE: over at Liberal Conspiracy, Chris Paul has some more details.
I reported last Wednesday that Jenny Dorries has been asserting that she was being paid around £50,000 plus jolly good perks, that this was being excused by her MumP as being because she is covering two jobs, and that Jenny was also reporting that she didn’t have a political bone in her body and was also often completely out of her depth. Those JD remarks and similar were made quite some time earlier. Soon after Jennifer got the job or at least rocked up to work. Freely disseminated to friends and strangers alike.

The £28,000 figure is an estimate reported by the Mirror crew. They also say the range for Office Manager / Senior Researcher (which is the job title Philippa has been reported under) is 18 to 39 (or something like that). It is in fact 21 to 40.

On the scale they reported £28k is about the mid point of the scale for SENIOR workers. Jenny Dorries doesn’t have a Politics degree, isn’t interested in Politics, doesn’t have an MA, and was written off by her own MumP as unlikely to be worthy of a job in these straightened times.

There is even more on this over at Chris's Labour of Love blog.


Leg-iron said...

All these inbred banjo-playing family MP-firms might not be such a bad thing. It means that when the MP gets the boot, the whole family goes down and none of them have any income at all. It's not one member of a family losing income. It's all of them at once.

Silver linings, Devil. Silver linings.

Vicola said...

Leg-iron makes a good point. Plus it puts another nail in the already packed coffin of Nad's credability.

Jules Wright said...

In her defence she's nailed McBride. May nail a couple more before she's done. Claims to be squeaky on expenses. Could be a lot worse.

Roger Thornhill said...

£28k? For a fresh grad?

It is human nature to help one's own, but please, help them with your own money, not mine, ok?

Hugh Dennis said...

Nadine Dorries - milfy milfy

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