Tuesday, November 24, 2009

More CRU code updates

Your humble Devil is still on the road with work: it's entirely typical, of course, that I should be near incommunicado at such an exciting time.

However, Bishop Hill is collating revelations from the CRU data. Do go have a look.

More later...



ukipwebmaster said...

The Pros and Cons of global warming


Gnostic said...

Downing Street petition to get CRU taken out of the decision loop on AGW policy.

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Junican said...

These revelations regarding global warming simply re-inforce what I personally have been thinking for ages. IE That our politicians should stop accepting 'expert advice' as the word of God and use their common sense.
It may be true that the activities of mankind are causing the world to warm up, but what evidence is there for urgency?
There is a very simple procedure available in order to control the situation and that is WAIT AND SEE.

Instead of politicians rushing in to introduce costly laws to cut carbon emissions, they should spend a few quid on improving the methods of collecting world tempreature information. Only after, say, ten years of such research, should steps be taken if necessary.

In that way, the services of all these climatologists can be dispensed with since a simple computer program, recording and anylising the data from reliable sources of tempreatures spread over the world, would alert world leaders to danger. If danger did become apparent, then it would be very simple for steps to be taken to correct the problem, even if the steps taken had to be very drastic ones.

It makes no sense to take extremely expensive steps NOW in order to solve a problem that may possibly occur some time in the far distant future.

Why are our politicians going overboard about this matter? There is simply no need for urgent action.

Neal Asher said...

The politicians go overboard because they need to feel important, they need to feel that they have something to do, major changes to set underway. The reality is that our taxes get wasted trying to fix things that ain't broke and just fucking them up.

Anonymous said...

Junican - the politicians are not innocents in this, misled by the scientists. They love it - it's ideal for their tax and control agenda. This has been a political process, not a scientific process, almost from the off.

Francis Turner said...

Here's my latest including thoughts about open sourcing the whole thing (a good idea)

Junican said...


It is absolutely amazing, is it not, that the raw data on which climatologists base their calculations is not already pulicly available since the costs of the raw date are paid for by tax-payers, whether they be British, American or whatever. This priciple also applies to any tax-payer funded academic. The 'codes' he uses are not entirely his own, as would be the case for a private individual who funds his own activities. Even in that case, if that person's work is to be used to assist government policy, then all should be revealed, even if gov had to pay that person for his work.

The fact that these data sets and codes are not already in the public demain is amazing and appalling.

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