Saturday, November 14, 2009

Leading by example

The Bercows: two, grasping, greedy, corrupt little shits who are laughing because they've just spent £45,000 of your money. And they've barely even started...

When John Bercow was elected as Speaker in the wake of the expenses scandal, your humble Devil did point out that it sent a message to the people of this country—that despite all of their protestations to the contrary and their fake fucking apologies, our lords and masters had every intention of carrying on as before.
At this point in time, the reputation of our Parliament is at an all-time low; rarely has the entire institution been held in so much contempt. This is because those who occupy the House—those who plonk their well-padded arseholes on the well-padded seats—have abused our trust, lived above the laws that they make to control us, raped our wallets and bankrupted the country.

And now this institution needs a new Speaker—the previous Speaker having resigned for being, basically, a corrupt, Glaswegian fucknuts.

So, what MPs should do is to elect a reasonably uncorrupt person to be Speaker, don't you think? Especially since it is the Speaker who oversees the MPs and ensures that they stick to the rules (such as they are).

After all, these very same MPs have been telling us how ashamed they are, how they realise that their actions were wrong, how they understand the people's anger. As such, they surely must want to elect an untainted Speaker who will be able to summon some moral authority when bringing reform to the system of allowances benefits-in-kind.

No. These corrupt little bastards have elected another corrupt little bastard as Speaker.

As I have said before, there is often little comfort in being proven absolutely correct and this is most certainly one of those occasions.

It is worth noting that it is the Speaker who is responsible for the probity of MPs (despite their supposedly hiving this responsibility off, disgracefully, onto another unelected QUANGO) and so we may judge how our MPs are going to act in this matter by the actions of the Speaker himself.

And, it seems, that Speaker Bercow and his grasping wife have decided that they are going to shove their noses deeply into the trough (possibly before Farage permanently unseats the corrupt little shortarse).
The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, has had his grace-and-favour Westminster apartment refurbished at a cost of £45,000 to the taxpayer.

Mr Bercow ordered the makeover, covering work from child-friendly redecorating to new televisions and furniture, within weeks of his election as Speaker in June.

His wife, Sally, oversaw most of the work and the couple pushed ahead with the overhaul despite being warned by Parliamentary officials that the costs may be seen as excessive.

Emails reveal that Mrs Bercow compiled a lengthy “shopping list” of items that she wished to have changed in the Speaker’s historic official residence within days of her husband’s election.

The new documents, released under Freedom of Information laws, also disclose that Mr Bercow has spent almost £13,000 on entertaining and hospitality - including a three-night trip to Rome costing almost £4,000 - in just three months.

As just about everyone pointed out at the time, it's not as though Bercow didn't have previous form...
Mr Bercow had faced criticism over his use of expenses when he was a backbench Conservative MP, claiming the maximum amount permissible to fund another Westminster flat.

Despite the fact that he is a useful barometer for the intentions of our elected representatives—in other words, they are going to continue to rape our wallets but they are going to be a bit more circumspect about it—this stupid, corrupt little bastard and his Cherie-style wife have got to go.

But they won't, because our Parliamentarians have learned absolutely nothing. All of this whinging about how they are being treated as pariahs is just posturing; all of those nitwits defending the "innocent" MPs—people who were, at the very least, complicit in their colleagues' thievery—are just useful idiots.

As Perry at Samizdata points out, this troughing does perform one useful service.
As I mentioned before, the longer this goes on and the more disrepute it brings upon the entire political class, the happier I am. They just cannot help themselves... I mean what is the point of all the power if they cannot benefit from it, eh?

Quite. Our MPs' election of Bercow sends out a very clear message to the ordinary people of this country—"bend over you proles, whilst we fuck you up the arse without lube or a 'by-your-leave'".

Nothing will change—unless we make it change.


peter carter-fuck said...

I wish I could be surprised.

Bercow is a prize shit, and his election as speaker was a final "fuck you" to the British people from the gang of inbred NuLabor mongs, who know they are going to be out on their arses come May. The fact that only three Conservative voted for this slimy little cunt shows that they, if nothing else, have the measure of this turdbird, and I hope so very fucking much that Farage gets elected, and that this cunt and his lady friend have to turn tricks down Piccadilly Circus to earn an honest dollar for the first time in their thieving fucking lives. I'd like to pay him his £45,000 in penny pieces, rammed right up his arse, the greedy little fucker.

David Davis (Libertarian Alliance) said...

To shag her, does he have to stand on a little box?

Anonymous said...

Hah! These are politicians we are talking about. I challenge you to name a single candidate who could have got the support of the House and who would have done any better.

And before someone says Sir George Young:
1 Employed family
2 Sits on the same committees on expenses as the Speaker.
3 Yes, we know. Labour interrupted the Tory Sir George Young circlejerk when they decided to vote Bercow. It was his turn!!! Waaaaah! moan moan etc. I notice that these so called opponents of the incumbent sat on their hands and remained silent when the Commons came
to approve his election. Those who remain silent seem to consent.

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